Eldah Odongo

Eldah Odongo
Eldah is an experienced strategist with a special passion for environmental conservation and has been leading greening initiatives at Kisumu Water and Sanitation Company Limited (KIWASCO) as we combat climate change effects. A holder of master’... Read full biography

Mara Regina Samensatto Ramos

Superintendent, DAEE- Departamento de Águas e Energia Elétrica
Mara Ramos has over 30 years of experience in the water sector, working in multidisciplinary projects in the fields of water resources, sustainability, planning and management.  Mara is the head of DAEE, the Water Agency for São Paulo State. She is... Read full biography

Tony Milburn

Tony Milburn Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Tony Milburn (1942 – 2023)   A civil engineer by profession, Tony initially worked on flood relief schemes and water resource projects on the Wye River Authority.   He then moved to the... Read full biography

Ed Hulshof

Ed Hulshof Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Ed Hulshof (1948-2022) combined chemistry, economics and practice in his academic education.:  Organic Chemistry, Utrecht University; Chemical Technology, Delft University; Economics, Hasselt ... Read full biography

Piers Cross

Piers Cross Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Piers Cross (1951-2017), a South African with a background in social anthropology and public health, was the founding CEO of the Mvula Trust which, in the Mandela years (1990s), helped South A... Read full biography

Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Kenneth Frederick Roberts (1923-1995) was born in Lancaster, England, and attended Manchester University where he received an honours degree in civil engineering.  In 1947, he joined the Bris... Read full biography

Charles (Charlie) O’Melia

Charles (Charlie) O’Melia Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Charles R. O’Melia (1934-2010) was one of the world’s leading authorities on  water treatment science and practice.  Born in New York City, Charlie’s fascination with t... Read full biography

Keiji Goto

Keiji Goto Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Keiji Goto (1927-2013) started his career as a waterworks engineer at the Tokyo Metropolitan Waterworks (TMW) in 1949. Steep population and economic growth in Japan followed the reconstruction ... Read full biography

Francois Fiessinger

Francois Fiessinger Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Francois Fiessinger (1944-1997) spent the majority of his career at Lyonnaise de Eaux, where he became a world expert on water treatment processes, and in combining both research and o... Read full biography

John Briscoe

John Briscoe Distinguished Pioneer Professional background John Briscoe (1948-2015), a native of South Africa, earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Cape Town in 1969, an M.S. in environmental engineering in 1972... Read full biography

Heinz Bernhardt

Heinz Bernhardt Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Heinz Bernhardt (1929-1996) studied chemistry in Marburg, where he graduated with a doctorate in 1957. Directly after his studies, he started his career at Wahnbachtalsperrenverband, where... Read full biography

Leonard Bays

Leonard Bays Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Leonard (Len) Bays (1930 – 2009) completed his university training undertaken in Lancashire and London with degrees in both mathematics and chemistry. He initially worked for the Northwest ... Read full biography

Ken Ives

Ken Ives Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Kenneth James Ives (1926-2009) studied civil engineering at University College London (UCL) and then spent seven years with the Metropolitan Water Board in London.  There he formed the basis of ... Read full biography

Gerrit v R. Marais

Gerrit v R. Marais Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Gerrit v R. Marais (1927-2005) was professor at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Early in his career he made significant contributions to low-cost water supply and sanitation,... Read full biography

Ernst Kuntze

Ernst Kuntze Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Ernst Kuntze (1920-2014) was Head of the Wastewater Division in the City of Hamburg. He studied Civil Engineering in Hannover and began his professional career 1950 at Ruhrverband. Since 1963... Read full biography

Wilhelmus Krul

Wilhelmus Krul Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Wilhelmus F.J.M. Krul (1893-1981) is nationally renowned in The Netherlands for his central role in establishing The Netherlands as one of the world’s leading drinking water suppliers in ... Read full biography

Rene Brunotte

President: 1952-1955 (IWSA)
Rene Brunotte Distinguished Pioneer Professional background An engineer who worked for the National Rural Forestry, Agriculture and Water Agency, and was committed to the betterment of the small communities and rural areas of the Alsace region of Fra... Read full biography

Cornelis Biemond

Cornelis Biemond Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Cornelis Biemond (1899-1981) was trained as a Civil Engineer at Delft University.  He initially served as Chief Bridge Officer for the City of Amsterdam overseeing 1900 bridges and const... Read full biography

Richard S. Engelbrecht

President: 1980-1986 (IAWPR)
Richard S. Engelbrecht Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Richard S. “Dick” Englebrecht (1926-1996) was the Ivan Racheff Professor of Environmental Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  After receiving the Ph... Read full biography

Petr Grau

President: 1990-1994 (IAWQ)
Petr Grau Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Petr Grau (1932-2022) graduated from University of Chemical Technology (UCT) in Prague.   He returned to UCT Prague in 1967 as a researcher and later Assistant Professor at the Department of W... Read full biography

Poul Harremoes

President: 1980s IAWPRC
Poul Harremoes Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Poul Harremoes (1934-2003) was Professor of Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He received MSc degrees from DTU in 1957 and Massachusetts Institute of T... Read full biography

Heinz Tessendorf

President: 1991-1993 (IWSA)
Heinz Tessendorf Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Heinz Tessendorf (1931-2021) was the technical managing director of Berliner Wasserbetriebe, responsible for drinking water supply and wastewater treatment in the City of Berlin. He studi... Read full biography

William H. Richardson

President: 1988-1991 (IWSA)
William H. Richardson Distinguished Pioneer Professional background William H. Richardson (1929 -1997) was the Managing Partner of Alvord, Burdick & Howson, at the time a leading international water engineering firm. He received his BS in 1952 in... Read full biography

Jan Dirickx

President: 1986-1988 (IWSA)
Jan Dirickx Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Jan Dirickx (1922 – ?) was a national and international leader in water supply.   He attended the Catholic University Leuven and received his Civil Engineering degree in 1946.  He began h... Read full biography

Maarten Schalekamp

President: 1982-1984 (IWSA)
Maarten Schalekamp Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Maarten Schalekamp (1930 – 1998) was born as a Dutch citizen and studied civil engineering in The Hague and Delft in 1949-56. From 1956-68 he worked as a civil engineer in Swiss citie... Read full biography

Tamon Ishibashi

President: 1978-1980 (IWSA)
Tamon Ishibashi Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Tamon Ishibashi (1917-1990) made a major contribution at a time of rapid progress in the settlement of Japan’s social infrastructure. He was a researcher of sanitary, waterworks and ... Read full biography

Cornelis (Cor) van der Veen

President: 1976-1978 (IWSA)
Cornelis (Cor) van der Veen Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Cornelis van de Veen (1922-1994) received his professional training in Civil Engineering at Delft University in the Netherlands. After working in Public Works Amsterdam, he ass... Read full biography

Leonard Millis

President: 1974-76 (IWSA)
Leonard Millis Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Leonard William Francis Millis (1908-1986) was professionally educated in the early 1930s in London and received a BSc degree in Economics. He was the Managing Director of the British Water... Read full biography

Fred Merryfield

President: 1972-1974 (IWSA)
Fred Merryfield Distinguished Pioneer Professional background Fred Merryfield (1900-1976) emigrated to the US from England in 1915, returned to England as an RAF Pilot in WWI and thereafter earned his degree in Civil Engineering from Oregon State Col... Read full biography

Sukriti Singh

Marketing & Communications Officer- London HQ sukriti.singh [a] iwahq.org

Sakshi Shukla

Communications & Marketing Officer- London HQ sakshi.shukla [a] iwahq.org

Wilhelm von der Emde


Hillel I. Shuval


Cecil David (Guy) Parker


Gunther Mueller-Neuhaus


Shigehisa Iwai


Wes Eckenfelder


Bernard (Bernie) Berger


Korokuro Hirose

John Andrews

Bertil Hawerman

President: 1976-1980

Gerrie Stander

President: 1969-1976

Erman Pearson

President: 1965-1969

Muttucumaru Sivakumar

Associate Professor, University of Wollongong
Associate Professor Muttucumaru Sivakumar areas of expertise include water quality and water resources engineering; Pollutant export from urban catchments; Water and wastewater treatment; Environmental hydraulics and Modelling; Sediment transport. He... Read full biography

Janelcy Alferes Castano

R&D Project Leader Monitoring Technology and Digital Water, VITO WaterKlimaatHub
Electronic Control Engineer with a MSc in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in industrial processes by the University of Navarra (San Sebastian, Spain). Postdoc at the Canada Research Chair in Water Quality Modelling at Université Laval in Quebec. R&... Read full biography

F. Javier Fernandez Delgado

Deputy Director - ICA, Canal de Isabel II
Having worked in the water sector for 31 years, Javier has gained a deep understanding of the industry, and invaluable experience. During this period, he has held various positions in areas such as Research & Development (R&D), Innovation, IT... Read full biography

Christian Taylor

Planning Technical Director, Aguas y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A (AySA)
Technical Planning Director in Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos ( AySA) More than 25 years of experience in developing water and sanitation Master Plans for the company that provides water and sanitation services to 14 million people in Buenos Aires Me... Read full biography

Beatrice Cantoni

Junior Assistant Professor (RTD-A), Politecnico di Milano
Beatrice Cantoni is a Junior-Assistant Professor (RTD-A) at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Politecnico di Milano working on water treatment and related human and environmental risks. She holds a PhD degree in Environmental a... Read full biography

Ana Soares

Professor of Biotechnology Engineering, Cranfield University
Dr Ana Soares is a Professor in Biotechnology Engineering specialised in environmental water protection and resource recovery currently working at Cranfield University in the UK. She holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Lund University, in S... Read full biography

Muhammad Anique Azam

Faculty Lecturer, NED University of Engineering and Technology
Anique is an early career researcher in unconventional water resources and decentralised water generation, and a young academician. His current research includes studies of materials that help achieving SDG 6 unconventionally. Anique also chairs th... Read full biography

Adam Saffian bin Ghazali

Chief Executive Officer, Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad
Adam Saffian Ghazali is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Aliran Ihsan Resources Berhad (AIRB), a member of MMC Group. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (FCA, ANZ) and Chartered Accountants of the Malaysian Inst... Read full biography

Satoshi Takizawa

Professor, Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo, Japan

Hamanth Kasan

IWA President Elect, Distinguished Fellow
Hamanth boasts 35 years of active global water sector involvement, holding a uniquely diverse expertise across academia, industries, utilities, and development agencies. He possesses a unique blend of multidisciplinary experience and skills, both wit... Read full biography

Erika Yarrow-Soden

Publications and Content Editor Erika.Yarrow-Soden [a] iwahq.org

Suseendiran Ganapathy

Membership and Operations Senior Officer - India Regional Office suseendiran.ganapathy [a] iwahq.org

Jeyannathann Karunanithi

India Regional Operation Manager - India Regional Office jeyannathann.karunanithi [a] iwahq.org

Syed Faiz Ahmed

Membership Relation Officer - Membership Fulfilment syedfaiz.ahmed [a] iwahq.org

Janani Shree

Membership Relations Officer - Membership Fulfilment janani.shree [a] iwahq.org

Shazvan Hanif

Web Developer - Senior IT Officer shanif [a] iwahq.org

Abhinaya V

Salesforce CRM Analyst - IT & Digital Transformation abinayav [a] iwahq.org

Kerrie Dyer

Corporate Membership Officer - Membership Fulfilment kerrie.dyer [a] iwahq.org

Aishwarya N

Senior Accounts Officer - Accounts & Finance (India) aishwarya.n [a] iwahq.org

Jignesh Macwan

Support Officer - IWA Secretariat jignesh.macwan [a] iwahq.org

Damir Brdjanovic

Professor of Citywide Inclusive Sanitation, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, the Netherlands
Dr. Damir Brdjanovic is Professor of Citywide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) at IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands. Areas of his expertise include CWIS, non-sewered sanitation and faecal sludge management, and urban drainage and ... Read full biography

Thammarat Koottatep

Professor, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Thammarat Koottatep is a Professor of the Environmental Engineering Management program and Co-Director of Global Water and Sanitation Center of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. He is an internationally recognized professional on fec... Read full biography

Osward Mulenga Chanda

Director of the Water Development & Sanitation Department at the African Development Bank
Osward is the Director of the Water Development and Sanitation Department at the Africa Development Bank, responsible for a program portfolio of US$4.9 billion and the Africa Water Facility. He is a Civil Engineer,  global player in the water sector... Read full biography

Neeta Pokhrel

Chief of Water Sector Group, Asian Development Bank, Philippines
Neeta Pokhrel, Chief of Water Sector Group, has over 25 years of experience working with ADB, private sector, international consulting firms, non-governmental organizations and water utilities. She leads strategic development of ADB’s water sector ... Read full biography

Kate Medlicott

Sanitation team leader, World Health Organization, Switzerland
Kate Medlicott is the Sanitation team leader within the WASH team at the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.  In this role Kate is responsible for translating health evidence to policy and practice through WHO guidelines and for health... Read full biography

Sylvain Usher

Executive Director of the African Water and Sanitation Association
Sylvain Usher is the Executive Director of the African Water and Sanitation Association. He undertook various studies for institutions such as the European Union, African Development Bank, World Bank and facilitated various workshops and session duri... Read full biography

Margaret W. Maina

Managing Director of Limuru Water and Sewerage Company, Kenya
Margaret W. Maina is the Managing Director of Limuru Water and Sewerage Company, a Kenyan Water utility with 17 years as the Managing Director. She has over 28 years experience in the Water Sector having worked in the Ministry of Water Development in... Read full biography

Jennifer Balatedi Molwantwa

CEO, Water Research Commission, South Africa
Dr Jennifer Molwantwa is the CEO of the Water Research Commission of South Africa since 2022. Since 2023, she is a member of the Advisory Board for IWA’s Inclusive Urban Sanitation initiative. She holds a PhD in Biotechnology focusing on mine wate... Read full biography

Mathi Vathanan

Principal Secretary, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Government of Odisha, India
Mr. G. Mathi Vathanan is the Principal Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Government of Odisha in India. Since 2023, has been a member of the Advisory Board for IWA’s Inclusive Urban Sanitation initiative. As Princ... Read full biography

Patrick Ty

Chief Regulator at Metropolitan Waterworks & Sewerage System, Philippines
Attorney Patrick Lester N. Ty holds the distinction of being the youngest person to be appointed as Chief Regulator in the 25-year history of the MWSS RO. Since 2023, he is a member of the Advisory Board for IWA’s Inclusive Urban Sanitation initia... Read full biography

Min Yang

Distinguished Fellow, Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Min Yang is a professor of the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is focusing on the identification and control of harmful pollutants in drinking water and wastewater. His group has published over ... Read full biography

Aijie Wang

Distinguished Fellow, Harbin Institute of Technology, China

Rao Surampalli

Distinguished Fellow, Global Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainability, United States
Dr. Rao Surampalli is currently President, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of the Global Institute for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (GIEES); an organization dedicated to providing consulting, technical and research services for the develop... Read full biography

Juan Lema

Distinguished Fellow, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Elisabeta Poci

Executive Director of Water Supply & Sewerage Association of Albania, IWA Board Member
Elisabeta Poci is the Executive Director of Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB), a non-governmental and not for profit professional organization, aiming to improve the performance of water supply and sewerage sector in Albania,... Read full biography

Harsha Ratnaweera

Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences Founder and Chairman, DOSCON AS, Norway, IWA Board Member
Harsha Ratnaweera has been a water and wastewater engineering professor at the faculty of sciences and technology, Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), since 2012. Before NMBU, he was the director of international projects and innovation and... Read full biography

S Mohan

Vice Chancellor, Puducherry Technological University, IWA Board Member
Prof. (Dr.) S. MOHAN is currently the Vice Chancellor, Puducherry Technological University, Puducherry (since Dec 2021) under deputation from Indian Institute of Technology Madras where he serves as Institute Chair Professor in the Environmental &am... Read full biography

Omi Kumari

Research Scholar, Western Sydney University
Omi is a Geographer at Western Sydney University. Her research work is on water governance and regional planning. She has experience in dealing with multi stakeholders’ participation. She is passionate about bringing more inclusive planning for... Read full biography

Christopher Lawson

Assistant Professor, University of Toronto. ISME-IWA 2022 Award Winner
Dr. Christopher Lawson recently joined the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto as an Assistant Professor in 2021. He earned his BASc and MASc at the University of British Columbia (2010 and 2014, re... Read full biography

Jizhong (Joe) Zhou

Research Professor, ISME-IWA 2022 Award Winner, IWA Fellow
Dr Jizhong (Joe) Zhou is a George Lynn Cross Research Professor, and Director of the Institute for Environmental Genomics at University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK. He is internationally recognized for a number of ground-breaking discoveries and pioneeri... Read full biography

Gokul Dayalan

Strategic Advisory Role IWA YWP Steering Committee - Research Scientist
Gokul Dayalan completed his Doctorate of Philosophy in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. His research focuses on Treated of leachate from municipal solid wast... Read full biography

Agustin Landaburu

Strategic Advisory Role IWA YWP Steering Committee - Water Consultant
Agustin is a civil engineer and has a Master’s degree in Water Management from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) where he is currently an assistant professor. He has experience as a consultant on sanitary networks, project engineering, WWTP ... Read full biography

Chelsea Hayward

Career Building Role IWA YWP Steering Committee - Senior Process Engineer
Chelsea is a Process Engineer in the Water Team at Jacobs with a background in Chemical and Environmental Engineering. She has varied project experience addressing current and emerging water challenges across a number of water and wastewater treatmen... Read full biography

Khoa Ngo

Specialist Group (SG) YWP Role IWA YWP Steering Committee - Post-Doctoral Researcher
Nam just finished a PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering research collaboration program between the Catholic University of America and DC Water in Washington DC, USA. Nam has more than six years of experience in the area of intensification an... Read full biography

Claudia Prehn

Specialist Group (SG) YWP Role IWA YWP Steering Committee - Consultancy Representative
Claudia is a civil engineer specialising in water management, hydraulics, and hydrology. She is interested in scientific research, teaching, and social projects related to water. She is passionate about water science and effective knowledge transfer.... Read full biography

Shotaro Goto

Chapter Coordinator IWA YWP Steering Committee
Shotaro is studying sustainable WASH at UCL. Before coming to London, he worked in the Japanese water sector for five years. Also, he is a Chapter Coordinator for the Young Water Professionals’ Steering Committee and he is involved in other IWA... Read full biography

Qian Li

Chapter Coordinator IWA YWP Steering Committee - Professor, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology
Qian is a professor at the School of Environmental and Municipal Engineering at Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, she is a Young Water Professionals Chapter Coordinator, and she was a Managing Committee member of the IWA Young Wa... Read full biography

Ashton Mpofu

Vice Chair IWA YWP Steering Committee - Water Sector Analyst
Ashton is a driven, tolerant, altruistic, ambitious visionary and an experienced chemical engineering professional with oratory skills and a passion for water, circular economy and sustainable development. His past experience spans working with secto... Read full biography

Lisa Bross

Head of R&D at Wasserversorgung Rheinessen-Pfalz GmbH

Jules van Lier

Professor, Delft University of Technology
Jules van Lier is full professor “Wastewater Treatment /  Environmental Engineering” at the Section Sanitary Engineering of Delft University of Technology, with a 0.2 fte posted position at UNESCO-IHE. He received both his MSc and PhD from Wagen... Read full biography

Shaitan Singh

Superintending Engineer (PHED Rajasthan), BE (Civil), MBA (PM)

Mr. Md. Abdullah P. Eng.

P. Eng., Khulna Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

Mads Leth

CEO, VCS Denmark (Administrerende Direktør hos VandCenter Syd)

Melissa Meeker

CEO, The Water Tower

Yvonne Magawa

Executive Secretary, ESAWAS, Zambia
Yvonne Magawa is the Executive Secretary at the Eastern and Southern Africa Water and Sanitation (ESAWAS) Regulators Association. She is overseeing the support to African WSS regulators to improve urban sanitation services by integrating non-sewered ... Read full biography

Jotham Ivan Sempewo

Lecturer, Makerere University, Uganda
Jotham Ivan Sempewo is a Lecturer in the department of civil and environmental engineering, College of Engineering, Design, Art & Technology of Makerere University, Kampala. His research, teaching, and consultancy focus on project management, tra... Read full biography

Mr Jorge Durán

Chemical Engineer & Consultant, Argentina
Jorge Durán is a Chemical Engineer specialized in Sanitary Eng. and MSc in Environmental Eng. He was trained in High Rate Anaerobic Treatment at Wastewater Technology Centre (Ont. Canada). and served at National Water Institute of Argentina performi... Read full biography

Liu Ye

Associate Professor, University of Queensland

Jeroen Langeveld

Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology

Samuel Asante

Member Data Officer - Global Events and Awards Samuel.asante [a] iwahq.org

Sara Muradi

Executive Assistant to the ED - IWA Secretariat Sara.Muradi [a] iwahq.org

Carlos Diaz

Strategic Programmes & Engagement Manager

Professor Marcos Von Sperling

Nafisa Barot

Makoto Jingu

Samira Akoudad

Global Events Manager - Global Events and Awards samira.akoudad [a] iwahq.org

Sara Muradi

Executive Assistant to IWA's Executive Director

Rose Kaggwa

National Water & Sewerage Corporation, IWA Board Member

María Molinos-Senante

Department of Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, IWA Board Member

Lee-Ann Sade Modley

IWA Emerging Water Leader & Lecturer
Lee-Ann serves as IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee Member. She is a Lecturer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Water Quality Monitoring, Freshwater ecosystems, Sediment, Environmental Imp... Read full biography

Hagimar von Ditfurth

IWA Emerging Water Leader & Consultant, Researcher
Hagimar serves as IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee Member. He is a freelance consultant and researcher based in Northern Uganda. From Mai 2017 to July 2019 Hagimar was Executive Assistant and Programm Coordinator at German Water Partners... Read full biography

Michel Caluwé

IWA Emerging Water Leader & Expert
Michel serves as IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee Member. He holds a PhD in Biological Wastewater Treatment works as Expert at the University of Antwerp. Michel has been an active IWA Member. Read full biography

Liudmyla Odud

IWA YWP Steering Committee member; Leading Engineer
Liudmyla coordinates the Events and Communications for the IWA YWP Steering Committee. She holds a PhD in Water Supply and Sewerage. Her international experience also involves the International Organising Committee of the IWA Eastern European Young W... Read full biography

Niti B Jadeja

IWA Emerging Water Leader & Researcher
Niti serves as IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee Member. She is a researcher, working in the area of wastewater treatment. Wastewater treatment processess are the complex systems for metagenomic studies, where several organics and xenobio... Read full biography

Farokh Laqa Kakar

IWA Emerging Water Leader& PhD Candidate
Farokh laqa Kakar serves as IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee Member. She is a PhD (Doctoral) Candidate at Civil Engineering department of Ryerson University and Professor at Goerge brown College in Toronto, Canada. She is the president o... Read full biography

Inês Breda

Secretary IWA YWP Steering Committee, IWA Emerging Water Leader - Product and Process Manager
Inês serves as IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee Member. She works as a Product and Process Manager at Silhorko-EUROWATER A/S – A Grundos Company. PhD, strong knowledge on filtration technology for production of drinking water. Pas... Read full biography

Huijie Lu

IWA Emerging Water Leader & ZJU100 Young Professor
Huijie serves as IWA Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee Member. ● ZJU 100 Young Professor, College of Environmental and Resource Sciences, Zhejiang University, 2016-currently. ● Managing Committee of IWA Young Water Professionals-China Cha... Read full biography

Pabel Antonio Cervantes Aviles

IWA Emerging Water Leader & Assistant Professor
Pabel holds a Ph.D. on Water Science and Technology and a M.Sc. on Water Sciences. He was also a postdoctoral fellow at the University of California Santa Barbara. During Pabel’s academic development, he has transited from the biological wastewater... Read full biography

Chenhao (William) Xie

Greater China IWA Regional Officer - Membership Fulfilment chenhao.xie [a] iwahq.org

Saravanamuthu Vigneswaran

Distinguished Professor at University of Technology, Sydney
IWA Distinguished Fellow. Director, Centre for Technologies in Water and Wastewater, Professor of Environmental Engineering, University of Technology Sydney. Read full biography

Akica Bahri

Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries of Tunisia
IWA Distinguished Fellow. Akissa Bahri is the Minister of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries of Tunisia. Moreover,  she has served as a Professor at the National Agricultural Institute of Tunisia. Previously, she worked as Coordinator of th... Read full biography

Charles N. Haas

Head of the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering at Drexel University
IWA Distinguished Fellow. Charles N. Haas is the L.D. Betz Professor of Environmental Engineering and head of the Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering, at Drexel University, where he has been since 1991. He also has courte... Read full biography

Jurg Keller

Chief Research Officer of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities
IWA Distinguished Fellow. Prof Keller is a leading water professional with 25 years experience mainly in academic research and teaching but always in close collaboration with the water industry. Read full biography

Sharara Kabir

IT & Digital Transformation Officer
Sharara joined IWA in 2019 as a member of the IT and Digital Transformation team, focusing on process transformation and supporting the execution and design of the digital program to achieve superior membership engagement. Sharara is a graduate of Br... Read full biography

Sealand Sun

Global Events Officer: Logistics (Consultant) - Global Events and Awards sealand.sun [a] iwahq.org

Samuela Guida

Strategic Programmes and Engagement Manager - Strategic Programmes and Engagement samuela.guida [a] iwahq.org
As a Strategic Programmes and Engagement Manager at the International Water Association (IWA), Samuela coordinates and manages IWA’s portfolio of strategic programmes, projects, and communities of practice related to the water sector. Dr Guida ... Read full biography

Jessica Chiroma

HR & Operations Manager

Mei Yee Chan

Mei Yee Chan is the Senior Programme Manager of Water and Sanitation services at TÜV SÜD PSB Singapore. She leads the programme development of establishing  lab testing and certification services  and drafting international standards for innovati... Read full biography

Mengqi Ding

Finance & Operations Officer (Consultant) - Accounts & Finance mengqi.ding [a] iwahq.org

Regina Gnirss

Director of Kompetenzzentrum Wasser Berlin; R&D department, Berliner Wasserbetriebe
Regina Gnirss has a Civil Engineering background with experience in Research and Innovation management with national and international funding, water and wastewater treatment technologies, stormwater treatment, adaptation to climate change in urban a... Read full biography

Peter Githinji Kahuthu

Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Limited, Technical Services Division Head
Eng. Peter G. Kahuthu is currently the Head of Technical Services Division at Nyeri Water and Sanitation Company Limited (NYEWASCO) in central part of Kenya. Key responsibilities include: Policies development and implementation, Efficient water and s... Read full biography

Benedicte Rulleau

Irstea Bordeaux, Researcher
Bénédicte Rulleau holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Montesquieu Bordeaux IV (2008). She has done a postdoctoral work at the French National Centre for Scientific Research and has been a Lecturer at the University of Versailles-Saint Q... Read full biography

Mari Asami

Department of Environmental Health, National Institute of Public Health, NIPH, Chief Senior Researcher
Dr. Mari ASAMI, is currently a chief senior researcher at Department of Environmental Health, National Institute of Public Health, NIPH, Japan and a professor of Research Center for Water Environment and Technology, the University of Tokyo (Affiliate... Read full biography

Bianca Nijhof

Associate Director, Anthesis
Bianca is a proven & successful leader in business and sustainability with an extensive network across business, governmental organisations and NGOs. She is an experienced communicator and natural collaborator with ample experience on natural, so... Read full biography

Mathieu de Kervenoael

Water & Waste Treatment Infrastructure - SVP, Head of Strategic Development & Marketing
Mathieu de Kervenoael has over 25 years of international business experience in the water sector, including long-term management of water & wastewater utility systems and services, as well as development of water & wastewater treatment infras... Read full biography

Bruno Tisserand

Economic & Legal Affairs Committee, EurEau Chair
Bruno Tisserand is chair of EurEau Committee 3, the voice of Europe’s water sector. He hails from France, where he is Research Program Director for Water with Veolia. He has an engineering degree and a masters in chemistry, physics and biology. He ... Read full biography

Kamal Laksiri

Ceylon Electricity Board, Project Director
Dr. Kamal Laksiri specialized in Hydropower Engineering sector and is mainly concerned with the optimum use of water in the energy sector. Since his graduation, he further completed his higher studies in relevant subject areas: Master’s degree in H... Read full biography

Mariam Abu

Global Awards and Events Officer
Mariam is Global Awards and Events Officer at IWA.  She has a background in Education and has worked in events for over 4 years working in both membership organisations and venue hire. At IWA Events Team she supports the liaison with programme commi... Read full biography

Meenu Puri

Membership Officer
Meenu is a Data Analytics specialist and has joined IWA as a Membership Officer.  Prior to joining IWA she has worked in India as Data Analyst and as online trainer for Predictive Modelling for several years. Meenu’s academica background is a ... Read full biography

Ana Carrasco

Executive Assistant
Ana Carrasco is an Ecuadorian lawyer with a master degree in Energy, Resources and Environment Law from the University of Melbourne, in Australia. Here she specialised on the topics of resilience in the context of human rights and climate change with... Read full biography

Agnes So

Engineer at Hong Kong Public Relations Unit, Drainage Services Department
Agnes SO is an Engineer at the Public Relations Unit of the Drainage Services Department at the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Experienced in projects relating to the 3-pronged approach in flood prevention, Ms. So particip... Read full biography

Luke Somerwill

Specialist Groups Officer
Luke works as a Specialist Groups Officer at the IWA Global Office in The Hague. He is a Public Policy and Human Development MSc graduate from Maastricht University and United Nations University – MERIT. In addition to working for several NGOs ... Read full biography

Sumaira Omer

Supporting Officer
Sumaira joined IWA in April 2019 as Supporting Officer. Being originally from Oxford in the UK, she has an academic background in Economics where she has a BSc in Economics, Finance and International Business from Oxford Brookes University. Before jo... Read full biography

Louisa Gosling

Louisa Gosling works in WaterAid’s International Programmes Department, in a team of sector specialists providing support to country programmes. She has been collaborating with others to promote awareness of access to water and sanitation as human ... Read full biography

Caterina Marinetti

Leadership Engagement Officer
Caterina is a young environmental engineer, passionately working at the boundary between engineering and social sciences. She holds a BSc degree in Environmental Engineering from ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome, and an MSc in Water Resources Man... Read full biography

Anthony Milburn

Water Resources Consultant; IWA Past Executive Director
Dr. Anthony Milburn is a Water Resources Consultant who was appointed as the first Executive Director of the IWA. After serving 18 years as Executive Director of the International Association on Water Quality (IAWQ), Anthony Milburn was one of the ke... Read full biography

Aaron Burton

Aaron is an internationally recognised expert in water efficiency and sustainable water management. He has worked in the UK and Australia across NGO, consulting, industry, academic, regulatory and government roles. This has included projects joining ... Read full biography

Damian Crilly and James Dalton

Aaron Reuben, Rob McDonald and Todd Gartner

International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

James Dalton

Claire Warmenbol

Rebecca Welling

Damian Crilly

Todd Gartner

Director of World Resources Institute's Natural Infrastructure for Water project

Rob McDonald

Lead Scientist for the Global Cities program, The Nature Conservancy

Aaron Reuben

Communications Officer for Landscape Restoration, IUCN

Dipak Gywali

Olivier Wendlassida Yameogo

Olivier Wendlassida Yameogo currently holds the position of Head of Water Quality Service of the National Office for Water and Sanitation (ONEA). His main mission in the institution is to monitor the quality of the water produced and distributed and ... Read full biography

László Somlyódy

President: 2004-2006
László Somlyódy is Professor Emeritus at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics where he served as Professor and Head of the Department of Water Utility and Environmental Engineering. Throughout his career he received numerous honours... Read full biography

Vincent Bath

President: 2000-2001
Vincent Bath is the former CEO of Rand Water, a water utility in South Africa. In 2000, he was elected Co-President of the newly established International Water Association (IWA). Vincent Bath was a Vice-President of the International Water Services ... Read full biography

Piet Odendaal

President: 2000-2001
Piet Odendaal is the former Executive Director of the Water Research Commission in South Africa. In 2000, he was elected Co-President of the newly established International Water Association (IWA). A professional chemist and philosophy academic, Piet... Read full biography

Wolfgang Rauch

Professor Wolfgang Rauch with the 2018 IWA Outstanding Service Award. Acting professor at the University of Insbruck in Austria, Professor Rauch is a civil and environmental engineer and a widely published researcher in the fields of water pollution,... Read full biography

Fernanda Wolter

Global Events & Awards Officer
Fernanda is a Brazilian with an academic background in business administration. Before joining the International Water Association as Events and Awards Officer, she worked for 12 years at the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (BAS) as project manager and... Read full biography

Olaf van der Kolk

Director, Aquaminerals, Netherlands
Olaf is AquaMinerals’ director, a Dutch and Belgian water utilities owned company which is the intermediate, on the field of water-originating resources, between the water sector and various economics sectors. There are numerous opportunities v... Read full biography

Yoshihiko Matsui

Professor Department of Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan, IWA Board Member
An IWA member since the year 2000, Dr. Yoshihiko Matsui has formally been part of IWA governance since 2013 as a member and from 2015 as a secretary of the IWA Japanese Committee. He is a member of Joint Organizing Committee of IWA World Water Congre... Read full biography

Keith Hayward

Marketing & Communications Director
As IWA’s Marketing & Communications Director, Keith leads the team supporting IWA’s corporate marketing and communications activity and the activity around its events, programmes and membership engagement. He is also responsible for T... Read full biography

Annina Takala

IWA Emerging Water Leader & Doctoral student at Tampere University of Technology Finland
Annina is doctoral student at Tampere University of Technology and my interest is sustainable development of water services and learning in the water sector. She is also chair of YWP chapter in Finland. She currently serves on the IWA Emerging Water ... Read full biography

Akissa Bahri

National Agricultural Institute of Tunisia (INAT)
Akissa Bahri, an agricultural engineer by training, has worked in water research in the fields of water resources development and management, agricultural use of marginal waters and biosolids, and their impacts on the environment with a focus on wate... Read full biography

Tony Wong

Chief Executive of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Australia
Professor Tony Wong is Chief Executive of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, an Australian Government Initiative with research hubs in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Singapore. He is internationally recognised for his researc... Read full biography

Carolina Latorre and Mohamed Tawfik

Carolina Latorre, IWA Programmes Officer Mohamed Tawfik, Consultant, IWA Basins of the Future Programme Read full biography

Pablo Bereciartua

Pablo Bereciartua is Argentina’s Under Secretary for Water Resources, a position to which he was appointed in December 2015. In the public sector, he has served as the Director of Infrastructure for the City of Buenos Aires, where he faced bot... Read full biography

Aparna Sridhar

Policy Advisor, Water, The Nature Conservancy
Aparna Sridhar is a Policy Advisor for Water at the Nature Conservancy where she leads policy engagements and partnerships in support of the Conservancy’s Global Water Fund strategy. In her seven years at the Conservancy, Aparna has supported culti... Read full biography

Julia Thogori Gathu

Other segments - LAMIC, Drilling for Life, Kenya

Ed McCormick

Specialist Groups Representative - McCormick Strategic Water Management, USA

Ulf Jeppsson

Specialist Groups Representative - Co-Chair of the Sub-committee for Specialist Groups, Lund University, Sweden

Günter Langergraber

Specialist Group Representative - Co-Chair of the Sub-committee for Specialist Groups, BOKU university, Austria

Gertjan Medema

Specialist Groups Representative - KWR Watercycle Research Institute, The Netherlands
Connect with Gertjan Medema on IWA-Connect. Read full biography

Mahmood Hakim Lutaaya

Utility - LAMIC, National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Uganda

Kazuya Naito

Utilities General, Bureau of Waterworks, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan

Douglas John Lumley

Utilities General Representative - Gryaab AB, Sweden
Douglas John Lumley is a Senior Advisor at Gryaab AB which operates the Rya WWTP in Gothenburg on Sweden’s west coast. The Rya WWTP serves over 750 000 persons, features enhanced biological and chemical treatment and is a fully automated facili... Read full biography

Chee Meng Pang

Utility Segment Representative - PUB, Singapore

Nicholas John Schofield

Research Institute Representative, University of NSW/UNSW Global Water Institute, Australia

Alberto Biancardi

Regulator representative - Authority for Electricity Gas and Water, Italy
President of WAREG European Water Regulators since May 2015. Commissioner of the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment from February 2011 to August 2018. Senior officer at Gestore Servizi Energetici, in Rome. Born in Milan... Read full biography

Trevor James Bishop

Regulator General, Ofwat, UK

Satkunam Murugathas

Finance Director
Satkunam Murugathas (Thas) is a Chartered, Certified Accountant trained at one of the largest Chartered Accountant firms based in London which specialises in Charities and Non-Profit Organisations. Thas is also a fellow and licenced member of the Ass... Read full biography

Hesam Kamyab

IWA Emerging Water Leader & Researcher Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Ana Lanham

IWA Emerging Water Leader Steering committee & Lecturer in Water Science and Engineering, University of Bath, United Kingdom

Ann Bijnens

Statistics expert from De Watergroep, Belgium

Jan Hammenecker

Leader of the Working Group Statistics and commercial director of De Watergroep, Belgium

Cheryl Davis and Diana Guio

Cheryl Davis is a Principal at CKD Consulting and Chair of the IWA Best practices on Workforce Sustainability Specialist Group. Diana Guio worked as independent sustainability consultant prior to join IWA as Learning and Capacity Development Officer... Read full biography

Jiri Wanner

Professor, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic; IWA Governing Member

Mogens Henze

Mogens Henze has a M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Technical University of Denmark. He joined the university’s Department of Environmental Engineering and served as Head of Department from 1998 – 2011. His research area has been nitrogen removal ... Read full biography

Daniel Deere

Director, Water Futures

Wang Longzhu

The Nature Conservancy

Mu Quan

The Nature Conservancy

Kari Vigerstol

The Nature Conservancy

Daniel Shemie

The Nature Conservancy

Chola Mbilima

National Water Supply and Sanitation Council, Zambia

Julius van Lier

Fellow, Netherlands

Jurg Keller

Distinguished Fellow, Australia
Jurg is a leading water professional with nearly 30 years’ experience mainly in academic research and teaching but always in close collaboration with the water industry. His key focus is on urban water management aspects, particularly optimal integ... Read full biography

Roger M Ben Aim

IFTS, France; IWA Steering Committee Member

Fiona Gore

Project Manager Global Analysis WHO

Ilana Cohen

Mobile for Development Utilities, Africa Project Manager

Daniel Shemie and Robert Mcdonald

The Nature Conservancy

Diane Vande

Executive Director, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies

Andreas Jagerskog

Counsellor for Regional Water Issues in the Middle East and North Africa

Azmi Ghneim

Technical Director, German Water Partnership

Alex Miller

Borda Regional Director Middle East & Central Asia

Amanda Marlin

Coordinator, Sanitation and Water for all Partnership

Dipak Gyawali

Nepal Water Conservation Foundation

Grace Remmington

Research Assistant School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford University

Chris Shugart

Independent Consultant

Inga Jacobs

Water Reaserch Commision, South Africa

Norihito Tambo

President: 2001-2003
Norihito Tambo was Former President and Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido University and Open University of Japan. He was also the Chairman of the National University Research and Education Evaluation Committee, Tokyo, Japan. An expert on water and wast... Read full biography

Zhiguo Yuan

University of Queensland, Specialist Group Representative, Australia

Marie-Pierre Whaley

Metis International, United Kingdom; IWA Board Member; IWA Senior Vice President
Currently working for Northumbrian Water Group in Durham (England), Marie has worked in the water industry for nearly 30 years. She is a member of the Strategic Asset Planning management team with overall responsibility for the development, planning ... Read full biography

Semira Kasimati Vathi

LAMIC Consultant Segment Representative - Member of the Sub-committee for Specialist Groups, Valu Add Management Services, Albania

Hamidreza Tashauoei

National Water and Wastewater Engineering Company, Iran LAMIC Utility Segment Representative

Hiroaki Tanaka

Kyoto University, Individual Researchers Representative, Japan

Heidi Snyman

Golder Associates Africa (Pty) Ltd, South Africa Specialist Group Representative

Katerina Schilling

Vienna University of Technology, Austria Research Institute Representative

Stéphanie Rinck-Pfeiffer

Global Water Research Coalition, The Netherlands GWRC Representative

Per Halkjær Nielsen

Aalborg University, Denmark

Trine Munk

Rambøll, Denmark YWP Consultant Segment Representative, IWA Emerging Water Leader

Borislav Lubenov Velikov

AQUACHIM JSC, Bulgaria, LAMIC Other Segments

Walter Kling

Vienna Water, Austria, IWA Board Member, IWA Strategic Council Chair

Anuj Kanwal

LAMIC Regulator Representative - Government of India
Over 28 years of work experience in Water Resources Project Exploration, Hydro Power Development, Industrial Waste Water Treatment, Reuse of Water, Irrigation Projects, Flood Control Works, Micro-Irrigation works. Connect with Anuj Kanwal on IWA-conn... Read full biography

Hiroshi Ashida

Senior Researcher, Institute of Waterworks Engineering, Japan Water Works Association (JWWA)

Johan Groen

Outotec, USA, Equipment Manufacturers

Philippe Gislette

Degremont, France, Other Segments

Dominique Gatel

Consultant Segment Representative - Veolia Eau, France
Connect with Dominique Patel on IWA-Connect. Read full biography

Jordi Gallego-Ayala

Water Regulatory Council of Mozambique YWP Regulator Segment Representative Strategic Council & IWA Emerging Water Leader

Virginie Dumoulin-Wieczorkiewicz

French Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development, France Regulator Segment Representative

Soon Guan Chua

PUB, Utility Segment Representative, Singapore

Nick Apostolidis

GHD, Australia Consultant Segement Representative

Shang-Lien Lo

National Taiwan University, Chinese Taiwan; IWA Governing Member; IWA Journal Editor

Piet Lens

Wageningen UR, The Netherlands

Guang-Hao Chen

Individual Researchers Representative - Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China; IWA Journal Editor

Takashi Asano

Distinguished Fellow Emeritus, University of California, USA; IWA Journal Editor

Sven-Erik Skogsfors

Forest Stream, Sweden

Peter Wilderer

Distinguished Fellow Emeritus, TU München, Germany

Jiuhui Qu

Chinese Academy of Sciences, China; IWA Journal Editor

Paul Reiter

ReiterIWS Ltd., Singapore; IWA Past Executive Director
Mr. Paul Reiter is the President and CEO of consulting company Reiter International Water Solutions Ltd. (ReiterIWS) and former Executive Director of the IWA. Paul Reiter is a prominent thought leader and strategist in the international water communi... Read full biography

Andrew Benedek

Vituki - Innosystem Ltd, Canada

Joel Mallevialle

Figeac Aero USA, INC, France

Michael Rouse

President: 2003-2004
Michael Rouse CBE is a Distinguished Research Associate at the University of Oxford and former Chief Inspector of the Drinking Water Inspectorate, an independent regulatory authority that oversees drinking water quality in England and Wales. Michael ... Read full biography

James Barnard

Black and Veatch Ltd, USA

Jerome B Gilbert

J. Gilbert, Inc, USA; IWA Journal Editor

David Garman

President: 2006-2010
David Garman is a water technology expert and strategic visionary in water research. He was the Associate Vice Chancellor for Water Technology, Research and Development at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and Chief Technology Officer of Th... Read full biography

Saburo Matsui

Kyoto University (Professor Emeritus), Japan

Yoshimasa Watanabe

Research and Development initiative, Chuo University and Hokkaido University (Professor Emeritus), Japan; IWA Journal Editor

Hansruedi Siegrist

Eawag, Switzerland

Rhodes Trussell

Trussell Technologies Inc., USA
Dr. Trussell served for more than ten years on EPA’s Science Advisory Board, on several committees for the National Academies, including as Chair of their Water Science and Technology Board. For the International Water Association, Dr. Trussell has... Read full biography

Duncan Mara

University of Leeds, UK; IWA Journal Editor

Roger Ben Aim

IFTS, France

Julian Sandino

CH2M, USA, Co-Chair (Fellow)

Hallvard Ødegaard

SET AS and NTNU (Professor Emeritus), Norway; IWA Journal Editor

Joan Rose

Michigan State University, USA; IWA Board Member; IWA Journal Editor, IWA Board Member
Joan B. Rose is an international authority on water microbiology, water quality, and public health safety, and she co-directs both MSU’s Center for Advancing Microbial Risk Assessment (CAMRA) and its Center for Water Sciences (CWS). Joan, together ... Read full biography

David Jenkins

David Jenkins Distinguished Pioneer Professional background David Jenkins (1935-2021) was Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. He received his PhD in Public Health Engineering from King’s Colle... Read full biography

Harro Bode

Former Chairman of Ruhrverband, Germany; IWA Governing Member; IWA Journal Editor

Peter Cornel

Darmstadt University of Technology, Vice-Chair

Willy Verstraete

Professor Ugent, Ghent University; IWA Steering Committee; IWA Cluster Representative
Willy Verstraete obtained a PhD degree in the field of microbiology at the Cornell University, Ithaca (USA). He worked at the Gent University, as professor and head of the Laboratory of Microbial Ecology and Technology (LabMET – Faculty of Bios... Read full biography

Michael Wagner

ISME, Austria ISME Representative

Hans-Curt Flemming

Universitat Duisburg-Essen, Germany Vice-Chair

Per Halkjær

Nielsen Cluster Representative, Chair

Patricia Martínez

Canal de Isabel II Gestión, S.A., Spain, Secretary

Francisco Cubillo

Cluster Representative - IWA Fellow, Chairman of Alternative Resources Cluster, Canal de Isabel II, Spain
Francisco Cubillo is co-author of AquaRating, an International Standard for Assessing Water and Wastewater Services. He’s a member of the AquaRating Technical Committee. He’s co-authored the third Edition of Performance Indicators for Wat... Read full biography

Gabriela Dotro

Cranfield University, UK , Co-Chair

Lorenzo Benedetti

Waterways d.o.o., Secretary

Evangelina Belia

Primodal Inc, Chair

Jose Porro

LEQUIA Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Chair

Didier Carron

NALDEO, France , Vice-Chair

Jan G Janssens

JJC Advisory, Switzerland

Stephan Tait

The University of Queensland, Australia Secretary

Michael Paice

Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (PAPRICAN), Canada, Chair

Giorgio Bertanza

University of Brescia, Italy, Co-Secretary

Achim Ried

Xylem Water Solutions, Germany, Co-Secretary

Michael Sievers

CUTEC - Institut GmbH, Germany , Chair

Aisha Mamade

University of Lisbon, Portugal, Secretary

Didía Covas

University of Lisbon, Portugal, Vice-Chair

Ed Smeets

Chairman of the Specialist Group Statistics and Economics

Helena Alegre

LNEC, Portugal, IWA Chair and Distinguished Fellow
Helena has a wide national and international R&D experience on urban water systems, particularly in the fields of performance assessment and strategic asset management; she led the team who developed the IWA PI system, as well as the team who dev... Read full biography

Guoren Xu

Harbin Institute of Technology, China, Secretary
His major research interests are small-scale water and wastewater treatment; sludge management and treatment technologies; water quality security theory & technology and sustainable water cycle theory & technology. Severed as Vice Chair of Sm... Read full biography

Francesco Fatone

University of Verona, Italy, Co-Chair

Kuruvilla Mathew

Murdoch University Library, Australia, Co-Chair

Kory Loucks-Powell

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, Secretary

Rodrigo Villarroel Walker

World Resources Institute, Vice-Chair