F. Javier Fernandez Delgado
Deputy Director - ICA, Canal de Isabel II


Having worked in the water sector for 31 years, Javier has gained a deep understanding of the industry, and invaluable experience. During this period, he has held various positions in areas such as Research & Development (R&D), Innovation, ITC and ICA. Over the last 16 years as ICA Deputy Director at Canal, he has headed up the implementation of different strategic lines at the company, such as remote control of our wastewater treatment facilities, reduction of nonrevenue water and fostering innovation. From the offset, he has been collaborating with associations and immersed in projects at an international level. These include: IWSA (forerunner to IWA), EUREAU, SWAN and ISO. Currently, he is a member of IWA’s Governing Assembly appointed by AEAS and has been put forward as head of JWG Innovation at EurEau. In addition, he is often called upon to speak at international congresses and conferences related to the water sector.