Rene Brunotte
President: 1952-1955 (IWSA)


Rene Brunotte

Distinguished Pioneer

Professional background

An engineer who worked for the National Rural Forestry, Agriculture and Water Agency, and was committed to the betterment of the small communities and rural areas of the Alsace region of France.

An individual who directed the delicate, hyper-dangerous and civilian-manned de-mining operation in eastern France immediately following WWII, and in so doing, is regarded as national hero.

One of the four national founders (The Netherlands, Britain, France, Belgium) of IWSA in 1947, and who served as IWSA’s second President from in 1952 to 1955 (see more below);

A principal instigator in the initial establishment of the Interministerial Commission on the Phreatic Aquifer of the Rhine Plain in 1954 leading to the eventual creation of today’s International Commission on the Protection of the Rhine (ICPR).

An individual credited with establishing and later directing (in 1960) the National School of Engineers of Rural Works and Sanitation in Strasbourg – focused on small communities and rural needs.

Major Contributions to IWA

Rene Brunotte was both a founder of the IWSA, and simultaneously organized the second IWSA Congress in Paris in 1952, was chair of the program committee for the Paris Congress, while serving as President of IWSA between 1952 and 1955.

He brought to IWSA his lifelong passion related to the betterment of all through the integrated provision of water to communities and agriculture, with a special emphasis on small communities and rural areas. He is said to have closed his address to IWSA General Assembly in 1955 with the phrase Ad pacem per aquaPeace through water.

Authors:  Paul D Reiter and Diane d’Arras                  Contributing Sources:  War-time docs