Hamanth Kasan
IWA President Elect, Distinguished Fellow


Hamanth boasts 35 years of active global water sector involvement, holding a uniquely
diverse expertise across academia, industries, utilities, and development agencies. He possesses a unique blend of multidisciplinary experience and skills, both within and beyond Africa. His qualifications include a PhD in Microbiology, Water and Environmental Engineering.

As IWA President Elect, and as a former General Manager of Africa’s largest water utility (Rand Water) he has an excellent understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the water sector and seeks to cultivate collaborations across cultures, prioritising excellence, relevance, and impact.

His leadership as Honorary Research Professor at the Institute for Water and Wastewater Technology at Durban University of Technology, has propelled world-class practical training and research, impacting African water and sanitation services. Notably, at Rand Water, Africa’s largest water utility, he was responsible for the public health of 16 million consumers, providing 24/7 outstanding quality water supply, leading a team of 130 scientists and engineers focusing on innovation, research and development, environmental management, and ISO 17025 state of the art analytical laboratories. His 22-year tenure at Rand Water established excellence, local empowerment, and earned international and regional recognition, including IWA awards for outstanding work.

As a Distinguished IWA Fellow, Hamanth’s global, regional, and local contributions mark him as a visionary leader. Some examples are highlighted below:

IWA Roles

Hamanth became member of the IWA 35 years ago. He has played and continues to play a very active role in the Association in different positions. His history of pivotal roles includes: Distinguished Fellow, Strategic Council Member, Vice-President (two terms), and four Board terms as Non Executive Director, including Chair of Governance and Nominations Committee. In September 2023, he was elected as the next IWA President. He will take office in 2024, following the conclusion of the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Toronto, Canada.

International Roles
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (advisor), German Water Partnership (advisor), USAID (partner), UN-Habitat (Steering Committee), WHO (partner), SIWW (Programme Committee), World Bank (partner), AWWA (partner), IWWA (partner),
AFWASA (Board and Strategic Capacity Building Committee Chair), AFDB (partner),
ADB, ROCKBlue (Director), IWA ESAR (Chair).

South Africa Roles
WISA (Senior Fellow), WRC (Board Chair), SA Water Chamber (Steering Committee),
IOD (Fellow), Umgeni Water (Board), Advisor to several Minister’s, Various University
Water Institutes (Advisory Boards), IWASA (Chair).