Maarten Schalekamp
President: 1982-1984 (IWSA)


Maarten Schalekamp

Distinguished Pioneer

Professional background

Maarten Schalekamp (1930 – 1998) was born as a Dutch citizen and studied civil engineering in The Hague and Delft in 1949-56. From 1956-68 he worked as a civil engineer in Swiss cities and in 1969, was appointed Managing Director of the Zurich Water Authority.

His first and enduring challenge was tackling the huge and long overdue expansion of the Zurich Water supply system, which included both modernizing the treatment system and adding new sources of supply.  During the construction and expansion of the Lengg Lake waterworks, the biological slow filters were preserved. It has also remained a special feature of Zurich to this day and a preserved achievement from earlier years.  At the same time, Zurich was a pioneer in introducing ozone treatment to its drinking water.  Maarten’s vision and creativity are reflected in this mix of old and new solutions.

Major Contributions to IWA

Maarten was viewed by many senior leaders in IWSA as one of the top leaders and presidents of IWSA’s second generation of leaders (1976-99).  He viewed collaboration with other utilities in Switzerland, Europe and at the international level as essential.  Accordingly, he was heavily involved with IWSA, where he was President from 1982 to 84, and with the IAWPRC, the International Ozone Association (IOA) and the Swiss Industry Association SVGW.  IWSA benefited from his hosting a number of international conferences in Zurich, the most prominent of which was the 1982 IWSA Biennial Congress, which he also organized.  He is also credited with personally helping to make IWSA’s 1984 Congress in Tunisia, the first in Africa, a success.

Author:  Paul Reiter

Major Contributor: Hans Gonella