What are IWA Communities?

Spread across IWA’s membership in more than 140 countries, the IWA Communities reflect the breadth and depth of the water sector globally.

Specialist Groups are an exceptionally effective means of international networking, sharing information and skills, and making good professional and business contacts. Task Groups are formed in order to perform a defined task, such as producing IWA Scientific and Technical Reports, Manuals of Best Practice or Position Papers. Governing Members are IWA’s representatives in their respective countries and, through their membership in the Governing Assembly, are responsible for setting the Association’s broad policy. Young Water Professionals are the next generation of water professionals who will design, develop and implement future solutions to global water challenges.

IWA Specialist Groups cover a wide range of subjects and are one of the main mechanisms for like- minded IWA members to network and share knowledge.

Governing Members are at the heart of building IWA’s vision of a Water Wise World. They are the IWA at national and regional level, who convene people locally to share best practice and explore new ways of innovating water solutions.

In charge of the future water sector, Young Water Professionals (YWPs) should be at the forefront of the design, development and implementation of current change processes.

Being an IWA Fellow is a recognition of sustained outstanding contribution to the profession. IWA Fellows are nominated based on their significant contributions as engineers, educators, utility managers, regulators.

An IWA Cluster is formed to facilitate systematic “conversations” across IWA Specialist Groups, addressing crosscutting issues that are of relevance to individual Specialist Groups, but which extend across one or more Specialist Groups.

Task groups are formed in order to perform a defined task over a specific period of time. This includes the production of IWA Scientific and Technical Reports, Manuals of Best Practice and Position Papers.

Connecting regulatory authorities and practitioners to inform and implement an enabling environment that makes the water wise vision possible.

IWA communities and their work are at the heart of the Association. It is through Specialist Groups, and their respective Task Groups and Clusters, that IWA members can contribute and participate in activities that shape our water future. Find out how you can get involved.