Norihito Tambo
Professor Emeritus, Hokkaido University, Japan; IWA Past President


Norihito Tambo was Former President and Professor Emeritus of Hokkaido University and Open University of Japan. He was also the Chairman of the National University Research and Education Evaluation Committee, Tokyo, Japan.

An expert on water and wastewater treatment, Norihito Tambo made outstanding contributions in water system design and water quality benchmarking. He was extensively published and contributed as author or co-author to over 200 publications. Norihito Tambo was also a pioneer in environmental engineering education in Japan and was the first President of the Japanese Environmental Professors’ Association. He also served as President of Japan Society of Civil Engineers and Vice-President of Japan Water Forum.

Norihito Tambo was a Vice-President of the International Water Services Association (IWSA) and later, Vice-President of the newly established International Water Association (IWA) in 2000. He was elected the first single President of the Association in November 2001 at the World Water Congress in Berlin.

Norihito Tambo was appointed Distinguished Fellow Emeritus of IWA in 2014. He passed away in August 2023.