Kamal Laksiri
Ceylon Electricity Board, Project Director


Dr. Kamal Laksiri specialized in Hydropower Engineering sector and is mainly concerned with the optimum use of water in the energy sector. Since his graduation, he further completed his higher studies in relevant subject areas: Master’s degree in Hydropower Development and Doctoral studies in a theme associated with Dam Engineering.

On graduation he secured a job in the country’s utility, Ceylon Electricity Board, with the intention of persuading his career in the field of his preference. There, he got the opportunity to engage and work in all types of Hydropower projects ranging from Major to minor, also involving from feasibility stages to final completion phase. Thus, he has has been involved either fully or partly in almost all of the Hydropower projects implemented in the country since his graduation.

During this period, he also got the opportunity to follow a number of advanced training programmes conducted locally and abroad, helping him to further his knowledge and specialisation in Hydropower & Dam Engineering. He has also attended a number of international events in Hydropower & Dam Engineering, such as the events organised by the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) representing the country.

With such a background he got the opportunity to serve as a general member, Expert member of various Panels, technical committees appointed on the Hydropower and Dam projects in the country. During the past he has also had the opportunity to serve in several International Committees on Hydropower & Dam Engineering and also to serve as Chairman/Co-Chairman in number of Hydropower related national and international events. He is also a member of the International Steering Committee of the Hydropower & Dam Journal published in United Kingdom.

Currently he is working as the Project Director of one of the national power Projects in Sri Lanka executed by the country’s energy utility, Ceylon Electricity Board.

In his professional organisation’s involvements, he serves as the Chairman of the Water Forum, the water arm of the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka, the apex body in Engineering in the country. He also serves as the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Association of the Institution of Civil Engineers, United Kingdom. He is a Past President of the Association of Consulting Engineers Sri Lanka, national Chapter of FIDIC in Sri Lanka and also serve as an Executive Committee Member of the FIDIC Asia Pacific group representing Sri Lanka.