Chao Chen
LAMIC Other Segments - Member of the Sub-committee for Specialist Groups, Tsinghua University, China


Chao Chen, Associate Professor in Division of Drinking Water Safety, School of Environment, Tsinghua University. I got the Ph. D. of civil engineering in Tsinghua University 2005. I joined the Division of Drinking Water Safety in Tsinghua University at 2007 as a faculty and got promoted as an Associate Professor at 2010.
My research is mainly focused on the following field: (1) Optimization of disinfection process and disinfection by-products control, (2) emergency response for drinking water treatment plants to fight against chemical spills and off-flavor.

I have directed three national projects as PI during the past 5 years. I devoted myself into several severe emergency response practices in China, including the Nitrobenzene spill accident in the Songhua River in 2005, the odorous water problem in the Taihu Lake, Wuxi city in 2007, the emergency response for environmental safety assessment and water supply in the Wenchuan Earthquake affected area in 2008 and the Cadmium contamination accident in the Longjiang River in 2012.
I have published over 50 peer-reviewed English papers in international journals, over 50 peer-reviewed Chinese papers and 4 books in Chinese. I also own 8 granted patents in China and guided 6 construction projects. I am a member of International Water Association, Chinese Society of Environment Sciences, American Chemistry Society, American Water Works Association. I have been working as a management committee member of specialist group of disinfection of IWA since 2005, a management committee member of specialist group of aquatic off-flavor in IWA since 2011 and a member of Strategy Council of IWA since 2015. I also contributed to several consulting tasks for the Ministry of House and Urban-Rural Construction, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Science and Technology of China.


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