Andreas Angelakis
Specialist Group representative - NAGREF, Institute of Crete, Hellenic Water Supply and Sewerage Association, Greece; IWA Steering Committee Member; IWA Specialist Group Chair


Dr. A. Angelakis is a Water Resources Engineer at the National Agric. Res. Foundation, Institute of Iraklion, Greece and Technical Consultant of Hellenic Union of Municipal Enterprises for Water Supply and Sewerage.

His scientific fields of interest are: Environmental engineering; Aquatic wastewater management systems; Water and wastewater management for small and decentralized systems; Treated wastewater renovation and reuse; and Water and wastewater technologies in ancient civilizations. He is author/co-author of over 450 publications. He has over 3000 SCH citations and an i10-index of 58. He has participated in the organizing/scientific committee of more than 120 international Symposia and/or Conferences in the last 25 years.

Dr. A. Angelakis is Editor of Water Sciences and Technology (WST), WST: Water Supply, Public Health Frontier (PHF), Austin J. of Irrigation, and member of the Editorial Boards of Water and Sustainability journals. Also he is an IWA Distinguished Fellow and IWA Honorary member as well as of the Hellenic Water Association (HWA) and an IWA Strategic Council Member. Also, he is President of IWA SG on Water and Wastewater in Ancient Civilizations and Past president of EUREAU (Federation of European Water and Wastewater Services) and the EUREAU WG on Water Reuse. He was recently awarded by the Hellenic Committee of the International Association of Hydrogeology.

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