Cecil David (Guy) Parker


Cecil David Parker

Distinguished Pioneer

Professional background

Cecil David (Guy) Parker (1912-1981) was a key figure in the development of the modern Australian water industry and in the formation and development of IAWPR. His university training in chemistry took place at Adelaide University in the early 1930’s. Guy went on to pursue a professional career in water science, research and practice beginning with his role as a Senior Chemist and Bacteriologist at the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works (MMBW).

In this role, Guy Parker discovered a major source of corrosion in cement wastewater collection pipes and wrote the seminal article on the subject in 1945 that is still cited in 2020. His discovery of five new strains of sulfur related bacterium led to a new genus being named after him – Guyparkeria.gen.nov.

He was one of four cited co-founders of the Australian Water Association in 1961 and served as its President in 1966.  In 1962, Guy Parker established CD Parker Pty Ltd, one of the major water consulting firms established in Australia in this era – firms that continued for over 50 years.

Major contributions to IWA

Guy Parker was one the ~15 original founders of IAWPR in 1965.  In the early years of IAWPR, Guy played several leadership roles in the new organization.  At the same time, he was a key link between Australian water science and research, and the larger international community embodied in IAWPR.

On the scientific and technical side, Guy was one of the pioneers of the embryotic understanding of water biology and the biochemical interactions in wastewater conveyance and treatment system.  In this context, he was one of the early members of the precursor group to IAWPRC’s first Specialist Group — the IWA Health Related Water Microbiology SG.

Author:  Paul D Reiter

Contributors:  David Garman, Darryl Day