Paul Reiter
ReiterIWS Ltd., Singapore; IWA Past Executive Director


Mr. Paul Reiter is the President and CEO of consulting company Reiter International Water Solutions Ltd. (ReiterIWS) and former Executive Director of the IWA.

Paul Reiter is a prominent thought leader and strategist in the international water community. An economist by training, he worked for over 20 years with local and regional water authorities in the USA. He served as Utility Coordinator for the City of Seattle before becoming Deputy Director for Strategic Policy at Seattle Public Utilities. He consults on regional and international projects, focussing on end-use consumption, resources planning, metering technology and tariff studies.

Since his appointment in 2002, Paul Reiter served as IWA Executive Director for 10 years. As the longest-serving executive at IWA, Paul Reiter played an integral role in ensuring the successful integration of communities in the newly-merged International Water Association. He helped establish IWA as a leader in the international water sector and oversaw the expansion into a Global Operations Office in The Hague and Regional Offices in Singapore, Beijing and Nairobi.

In 2012, Paul Reiter stepped down as Executive Director and transitioned to a role as Strategic Counsel. He was later appointed Distinguished Fellow of the IWA.