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The International Water Association (IWA) is the leading network and global knowledge hub for all water professionals and anyone committed to the future of water.

With its legacy of over seventy years, it connects water professionals in more than 130 countries to find solutions to global water challenges as part of a broader sustainability agenda.

IWA also promotes and supports technological innovation and best practices through international frameworks and standards.

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Membership benefits

IWA’s membership benefits are constantly reviewed and enriched to reflect the changing needs of our members.

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Your membership, your choice

There are three types of IWA membership – individual, corporate and university.


Join IWA as an individual member to learn global and local world-class best practices, develop your skills, network, and be recognised as a leading water professional. You can choose to participate in specialist groups and be in the forefront of leading-edge developments.

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IWA corporate membership helps enable your organisation to deliver world class water solutions, by enhancing your staff’s water expertise, facilitating professional development, and offering opportunities to develop your brand in the industry.

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Join IWA to enable your university or professional institution to share, benchmark and raise awareness of the research of your academics, engineers and scientists with leading water organisations, governments and businesses.

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Would you like to become an IWA member?

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Helena Alegre
Head of the Hydraulics and Environment Department at LNEC

Benjamin Tam
Managing Director, Isle Utilities 

United Kingdom

Katerina Schilling
Communication and Program Manager, Voice of Danube


Chataigne Djuma
Secretary, IWA YWP DR Congo Chapter

DR Congo

Adam Lovell
Executive Director, Water Services Association of Australia