Pablo Bereciartua


Pablo Bereciartua is Argentina’s Under Secretary for Water Resources, a position to which he was appointed in December 2015.

In the public sector, he has served as the Director of Infrastructure for the City of Buenos Aires, where he faced both enormous challenges and opportunities to apply new technologies to the city and regional infrastructure.

Pablo is a professor at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and former dean at the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA), where he focused on teaching and researching the link between technology, infrastructure and social and economic impact. He also serves as vice president of the Argentinean Social Forum, and has shared his ideas on innovation, education, technology, the future of mobility and cities across media platforms in Argentina. He is also Vice President of the Argentinean Engineering Center and member of the Institute of Transport of the National Academy of Engineering.

A trained engineer, he graduated with honors from Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina. He also holds graduate degrees from University of California at Berkeley and the UNESCO-IHE Institute in Delft, The Netherlands; and has earned fellowships from Fulbright, Eisenhower Foundation, Yale World Fellow, and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA).

Pablo is founder and CEO of Bereco SA & Bereco Labs, Inc., a company focused on innovation, technology and management. He is also the founder of other technology based companies such as B3 and Agro Appgrade SA.