Ed Hulshof


Ed Hulshof

Distinguished Pioneer

Professional background

Ed Hulshof (1948-2022) combined chemistry, economics and practice in his academic education.:  Organic Chemistry, Utrecht University; Chemical Technology, Delft University; Economics, Hasselt University (Belgium) and Production Management, INSEAD. (Paris).

His professional career spanned 25+ years in the chemical industries in the Netherlands (1974-2000). He transitioned to the water field in 2001, as CEO of the WML Drinking Water Authority in Limburg (2001-2006).

Major Contributions to IWA

Ed played a key role in IWA’s post-merger development through over a decade of volunteer service to IWA.  Initially, while at WML, Ed’s supported the 2nd Specialist Group/Member Segment meeting in April 2005 in Maastricht -designed to build on the pivotal dialog arising from the 2001 Windsor meeting.

Following the decision to move IWA’s operational base to the Netherlands in 2007, Ed was asked in a pro-bono capacity to manage all aspect of the Netherlands-side of the relocation. This complex move, facilitated significantly by Ed’s masterful management of the many seen and unforeseen challenges arising, went according to plan, budget, and schedule.  The smooth transition enabled IWA to continue to expand and flourish.

Drawing on his intimate knowledge of IWA, Ed served as the chair of IWA’s Finance and Investment Committee for 12 years, becoming the longest-standing treasurer of IWA spanning four presidents  In this capacity, and building on key foundational work undertaken by IWA’s early treasurers,  Ed was instrumental in: further developing, integrating and codifying procedures for IWA’s risk and asset management;  multi-office fiscal procedures;  biennial budgeting and reserves management; and global HR procedures.

Although generally working behind the scenes, Ed Hulshof’s contribution to today’s IWA was profound and essential to the success of the post-merger IWA organization over 20 years.

Author:  Paul D Reiter