Marie-Pierre Whaley
Metis International, United Kingdom; IWA Board Member; IWA Senior Vice President


Currently working for Northumbrian Water Group in Durham (England), Marie has worked in the water industry for nearly 30 years. She is a member of the Strategic Asset Planning management team with overall responsibility for the development, planning and governance of the capital investment programme. Within IWA she is a Board Members and covers the utility segment.

Her career has broadened from a creative and technical foundation in R&D in Suez Environment to operational positions with focus on strategic business planning, governance, risk management and investment planning. It has enabled her to develop a comprehensive understanding of the social, financial and regulatory issues and opportunities given to water and wastewater service providers worldwide.

Throughout, she works within national and international networks building relationships with colleagues, particularly advocating innovation and sharing of ideas. Beyond the water industry and over the last few years, she has enjoyed and actively contributed to cross-utility exchanges with the gas and rail industries to identify synergies in responses to global challenges and consumer engagement. As an active supporter of charity WaterAid she’s had the opportunity to see first-hand the challenges facing the water sector and she truly believes in the benefits of working in partnership.