Mogens Henze


Mogens Henze has a M.Sc. in Chemistry from the Technical University of Denmark. He joined the university’s Department of Environmental Engineering and served as Head of Department from 1998 – 2011. His research area has been nitrogen removal from wastewater by nitrification and denitrification using internal carbon sources as energy source for the biological process. Modelling of activated sludge processes has been another core activity.

He was chairman of the IWA (originally IAWPRC) Task Group on Mathematical Modelling of Activated Sludge Processes from 1983 – 2005. The group (with members Willi Gujer, ETH, Gerrit Marais, Cape Town University, Les Grady, Clemson University and Tom Matsuo, University of Tokyo) created the Activated Sludge Model in various versions (ASM1, ASM2 etc.). The models have been the cores for development of numerous biological wastewater treatment models since 1986. His book ‘Wastewater treatment – biological and chemical’ with co-authors Jes la Cour Jansen, Poul Harremöes and Erik Arvin, has been translated into English, Russian, Chinese and Polish.

Mogens Henze is member of the Danish Academy for Technical Sciences. He has been regional editor for Water Research 1985 – 1995 and Editor-in-chief for the journal 2000-2010. He has been chairman of the Publications Committee of IWA since its creation in 1995 until 2015. His other contributions to IWA include Chairman of the Nutrient Specialist group and the Environmental Engineering Education specialist group. He has been a member of the IWA Board of directors from 1994 – 2007 and member of IWA Publishing Board of Directors between 1999 – 2013.