Alberto Biancardi
Regulator representative - Authority for Electricity Gas and Water, Italy


President of WAREG European Water Regulators since May 2015.

Commissioner of the Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment from February 2011 to August 2018. Senior officer at Gestore Servizi Energetici, in Rome.

Born in Milan on 19 September 1961. Married with a daughter.

Holds a degree in Economic and Social Studies taken at the Milan “L. Bocconi” University.

With a background as an economist, he served with the following institutions: AGCM (the Italian Antitrust Authority, the Italian Electricity and Gas Regulatory Authority, the Single Buyer (Acquirente Unico Spa), the Ministry for Industry and the Italian Prime Minister’s Office. In the latter institution, he coordinated the NARS (the counseling unit operating with the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning, or ‘CIPE’, on the regulatory themes related to network-infrastructure services). He also served with Eni and Enel (as the President’s assistant).

From March 2007 to the current office, he served as Director General of the Equalisation Fund for the Electricity Sector (CCSE); untenured Professor at the Genoa University, and Energy and Infrastructure Area Manager with AREL (Centre for Studies, Research, and Legislation).

He is the author of numerous publications on public services and economic regulation.