Basin-Connected Cities

IWA has developed the “Action Agenda for Basin-Connected Cities”, which aims to inform, influence and activate urban stakeholders to protect and invest in water resources, together with basin and catchment organisations. The Agenda outlines the rationale for urban stakeholders to lead the way in realising their role as water stewards and the different pathways and activities towards achieving sustainable water management. This includes the Drivers for Action such as extreme events, declining water quality, and water availability; followed by the Pathways to Action through assessment, planning and implementation; and the Foundations for Action from developing a vision to building capacity to improving governance.

Collecting perspectives & experiences

IWA is looking to urban stakeholders that are leading the way in strengthening the connection with their catchments through different actions and pathways to contribute to the development and promotion of the Action Agenda for Basin-Connected Cities:

  • Submit a Basin Story outlining the successes and challenges that urban stakeholders have experienced in becoming water stewards in the wider catchment;
  • Access online webinars on demand on IWA Learn, which provides a shared platform to learn more and contribute to the Action Agenda for Basin-Connected Cities, while showcasing the authors of the Basin Stories which highlight urban water stewards taking action in their wider basins.
  • Participate in upcoming workshops focusing on the connections between cities and their basins and how stakeholders can work together for a water secure future.

Handbook: Basin-Connected Cities, Connecting Urban Stakeholders with their Watersheds

The IWA-INBO Handbook on Basin-Connected Cities, based on the basin stories, aims to support decision making in strengthening the city’s connection and integration with its river basin. It expands on the IWA Action Agenda for Basin-Connected Cities, which provides a framework to influence and activate utilities, cities and their industries to become water stewards working with basin stakeholders.

The Handbook, launched at the 2022 World Water Congress, is a comprehensive and detailed resource for practitioners, structured for quick reference. The purpose is to inform, influence and encourage urban stakeholders to take an active role in protecting and investing in water resources, together with basin and catchment organisations. Download the handbook here.

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