YWP Get-Together | Engagement of YWPs in IWA Specialist Groups

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Target Audience

IWA YWP members


The IWA Young Water Professionals Steering Committee and the IWA Secretariat invite the IWA Young Water Professional community to meet online for a Get-Together on the topic ‘Opportunities for YWP in IWA Specialist Groups’. This IWA YWP online Get-Together is part of a series of online meetings developed for the IWA Young Water Professionals (YWPs) community. 

During this IWA YWP online Get-Together, participants will learn about the IWA Specialist Groups (SGs), one of the main IWA Communities where water leaders bridge the gap between science and practice. Currently, IWA has 51 SGs covering the whole spectrum of the water cycle. The IWA SGs organise specialised conferences and workshops that bring world-leading water professionals together to share topical high-quality content and new findings to bridge the chasm between researchers and practitioners and accelerate the diffusion of innovation. They develop game-changing tools and publications that influence the entire water sector. 

Being part of the IWA SGs enables IWA members to delve into a deeper understanding of the complex challenges we face and cooperate with other top leaders in the field. It is an opportunity for YWPs to connect with senior IWA members, extend their network, further their professional development and explore the latest career and cooperation prospects. 

Learning Objectives


During this IWA YWP Get-Together, participants will: 

  • Acquire knowledge of the IWA SGs Community.
  • Meet representative members of some IWA SGs. 
  • Learn how to join and get involved in IWA SGs (join SGs events, join SGs management committee etc). 


Additional Resources

If you have questions regarding the IWA YWP Community, please contact Isabela Espindola, IWA Membership Engagement Officer. 

Click here to know more about the IWA Specialist Groups, or contact Rachna Sarkari, IWA Membership Engagement Officer. 


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