IWA YWP Global Coordination Call “YWPs Chapters: challenges and solutions for promoting active participation”

IWA Young Water Professionals YWP ; EWL ; Volunteering

Target Audience

IWA Young Water Professional members


This IWA YWP Global Coordination Call is for members of the IWA Young Water Professional Chapters community only. This exclusive event is dedicated to young water professionals (YWPs) who are part of country chapters and want to connect, talk and share their experiences, insights and lessons with other global chapters.

The IWA YWP Global Coordination Call aims to discuss the challenges and solutions to achieving a meaningful commitment and participation of YWPs Country Chapter members. IWA wants to demonstrate that promoting active interactions among YWPs members and strengthening our YWPs network is vital to empower us as youth and young professionals and contribute to achieving sustainable development goals and a water-wise world.

During the event, you will hear from the following IWA YWP Country Chapters:

The IWA YWP Global Coordination Call structure is a moderated session with an open discussion for interaction among all attendees. Moderators and panellists initiate the session by sharing their chapter experience and voluntary work within the International Water Association. They’ll share their personal career stories and how they have benefited from their IWA membership and active engagement as IWA YWP.

Learning Objectives

During the IWA YWP Global Coordination Call, members of IWA Young Water Professional Chapters community will:

  • Gain interest and learn about voluntary work opportunities within the IWA network;
  • Enhance their professional vision and goals;
  • Learn about the benefits and opportunities of active involvement within the Association;
  • Clearly understand how engagement within the IWA network can benefit their research and career


Additional Resources


IWA Secretariat & IWA YWP Steering Committee