IWA YWP Global Coordination Call “Strengthening connections between IWA YWP Chapters”

IWA Young Water Professionals YWP ; EWL ; Volunteering

Target Audience

IWA Young Water Professional members


This IWA YWP Global Coordination Call is for members of the IWA Young Water Professional Chapters community only. This exclusive event is dedicated to young water professionals (YWPs) who are part of country chapters and want to connect, talk and share their experiences, insights and lessons with other global chapters.

The purpose of the IWA YWP Global Coordination Call is to motivate and encourage IWA YWP Chapters to find ways to collaborate together, and present opportunities for cooperation and contribution within the global IWA network, IWA Communities, Task Forces, and IWA conferences and congresses. The event seeks to empower young water professionals in the water sector and within the Association.

The IWA YWP Global Coordination Call structure is a moderated session with an open discussion for interaction among all attendees. Moderators and panellists initiate the session by sharing their own chapter experience and voluntary work within the International Water Association. They’ll share their personal stories – their career stories and how they have benefited from their IWA membership and active engagement as IWA YWP.


Tentative schedule:

  • 12:30 –  Welcome and Meeting objectives (Farokh Laqa Kakar, Niti B Jadeja & Isabela Espindola)
  • 12:40 – Reflections on 2021 – (Isabela Espindola)
  • 12:50 – Presentations with YWP Chapter Committees (moderated by Farokh Laqa Kakar and Niti B Jadeja)
    • 12:55 YWP Australia – Ben Thwaites (IWA members liaising)
    • 13:00 YWP Japan – Shotaro Goto (Planning – international events)
    • 13:05 YWP Canada  – Amr Ismail (Partnership director)
    • 13:10 YWP Germany – Philippe Ader (Communications Officer for IWA YWPGER)
    • 13:15 YWP Denmark – Nadia Schou Vorndran Lund (YWP Denmark Chair)
  • 13:20 Open discussion with all YWP Chapter Committee Members in Breakout rooms (moderated by Farokh Laqa Kakar, Niti B Jadeja & Isabela Espindola)
    • Breakout room 1 – YWP Australia & YWP Germany (moderated by Niti B Jadeja)
    • Breakout room 2 – YWP Canada  & YWP Japan (moderated by Farokh Laqa Kakar)
    • Breakout room 3 – YWP Denmark & EWL Steering Committee (moderated by Isabela Espindola)
  • 13:50 – Closing remarks and updates from IWA and EWL Steering Committee (EWL Steering Committee TBD and Isabela Espindola)


Learning Objectives

During the IWA YWP Global Coordination Call, members of IWA Young Water Professional Chapters community will:

  • Gain interest and learn about voluntary work opportunities within the IWA network;
  • Enhance their professional vision and goals;
  • Learn about benefits and opportunities of active involvement within the Association;
  • Clearly understand how engagement within the IWA network can benefit their research and career


Additional Resources

  • Presentation: download it here


IWA Young Water Professionals with IWA YWP Emerging Water Leaders (EWL) Steering Committee