Water Policy and Regulation

Available and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all relies upon the collective action of interdependent stakeholders, playing their role effectively and efficiently. Transitioning to such a water wise world starts with people –people that informs and implements the right enabling environment.

The Water Policy and Regulation agenda cuts across all areas of work at IWA, connecting regulatory authorities and practitioners to inform and implement an enabling environment that makes the water wise vision possible.

We do this guided by the Lisbon Charter by facilitating peer-to-peer dialogue and learning across regulatory functions –economic, health, environment and quality of service–; and collaborative governance, across sectors and especially with the research, science and technology communities.

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The International Water Regulators Forum 


Regulatory authorities can have a positive and catalytic impact on delivering water services. IWA is home to the International Water Regulators Forum (IWRF) that welcomes regulatory authorities and officials with regulatory and supervisory functions in the water, sanitation and wastewater management services, supporting their increasingly important role in achieving global sustainable development. To date, the Forum has successfully gathered in Lisbon 2014 (Lisbon Charter), London 2015, Brisbane 2016 and Buenos Aires 2017–reaching to over 120 regulatory institutions from more than 90 jurisdictions in all continents, becoming a one of a kind global network of regulators that IWA is proud to host.



Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

Ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all is a progressive task that has its foundations in proper planning. Translating this goal into operational terms for regulators and suppliers requires rethinking targets for coverage, water quality, service levels, cost recovery, operation and maintenance (O&M) and emergency preparedness. Read more about our work and join us.




Regulating for Citywide Inclusive Sanitation

Various factors and frameworks over recent years have shone a spotlight on the need to manage the full sanitation chain in a sustainable manner, from toilet to waste disposal, through citywide inclusive sanitation. The “Regulating for Citywide Inclusive Sanitation” initiative aims to identify the needs, opportunities and tools for regulators’ contribution to achieving citywide inclusive sanitation as part of the path towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more about our work and how to engage with us.



Connecting to the international research community

The analytical perspective of the research community can give insights to practitioners in realising the root cause of the regulatory challenges, identify major institutional barriers, and set the milestone for actions. To bring in this perspective into the global dialogue through IWA’s platform and the IWRF, we closely work with our members and Specialist Groups across disciplines. Connect with our activities and Working Groups:

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