February 4, 2020

IWA Digital Water Programme: Dragan Savic

Dragan Savic is the CEO of KWR Water Research Institute as well as the Chair of the IWA Digital Water Programme Committee. In this interview, Dragan highlights the progress made thus far with the digitalisation of the water sector, as well as how the Programme Committee is dedicated to providing the IWA membership base with adequate and accurate information about Digital Water. He also stated that a few utilities have already begun to reap the rewards of a digital transformation and the others remaining just need to take that leap into digitalisation. For more about the IWA Digital Water Programme, visit the page:https://iwa-network.org/projects/digital-water-programme/ For information about the IWA Digital Water Summit, visit the conference website: https://digitalwatersummit.org/

Erin Jordan

Strategic Programmes Officer
Erin completed her Masters in Water Management with a specialisation in Water Quality Management at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education in The Netherlands. Prior to this, she graduated with Bachelors in Chemistry with a minor in Biochemistry ... Read full biography