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Why Digital Water?

Digitalisation is happening everywhere and changing the way in which the world operates, delivering value to organisations around the world.  For water utilities it is no different. Digitalisation represents an opportunity to better solve some of the more urgent issues utilities face. However, digitalisation is understood differently across water utilities, as they are at different stages of digitalisation.  For those starting the digitalisation journey, initial benefits can be through gaining efficiencies- but it does not stop there. Increasingly digital maturity of a water utility leads to improved capacity to adopt more innovative use of digital technologies, creating opportunities to develop new business models.

The Digital Water Programme is a programme organised by the International Water Association to promote dialogue on this topic aiming to ensure water utilities share their experiences on their digital transformation journey, and all participants in the digital water ecosystem share latest trends on technological advances. The ultimate goal is to facilitate utility’s access to knowledge to enhance the rate of success of their digital initiatives and prowess.

What are the objectives of the Digital Water Programme?

Collate body of knowledge and insights from members
Collate body of knowledge and insights from members
Enable sharing of information between members
Creating a focal point in IWA for digital water

How can you engage with the Digital Water Programme?

Join the IWA Connect Plus group and contribute to innovation, knowledge and best practices around digitalisation for the water sector.

Contribute to the discussion by sharing your case study, write blogs, produce video, podcasts or propose webinar and white papers.

Contribute to the Digital Transformation Hub (DTHub), by sharing your pilot experience. Learn more here.

Join the IWA Earth Observation technologies for Water Management Community of Practice. This CoP brings together experts from different sectors of the water industry interested in the use of Earth observation technologies for improved water quality and quantity management.

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