September 15, 2021 Digitalisation

Digital Water: An overview of the future of digital water from a YWP perspective

Water professionals have a crucial role in the digital transformation of the water sector and whether this will happen in a fair, sustainable, equitable, and integrated manner. In particular, Young Water Professionals (YWPs), as ‘digital natives’ raised in a rapidly digitising world, have a unique view on the role that digitalisation plays in our sector, which will impact how the industry will develop in the next 25-50 years.

This white paper contains a snapshot of the current situation on digitalisation of the water sector as well as a vision for this transformation, gathered by the authors from a globally diverse cohort of Young Water Professionals (YWPs). Additionally, the document suggests a pathway to speed the digital journey, key skills that water professionals will need, and it contains info boxes where the readers can find more information on the topics discussed.

This is an output of the IWA Young Water Professional Group and of IWA’s Digital Water Programme. This white paper shows IWA’s commitment to the YWPs network, by empowering them to take a leading role in contributing to a water-wise world. Young members can utilise IWA’s network to connect and collaborate with international peers, enhance their career development, and raise their profile.

IWA’s Digital Water Programme acts as a catalyst for innovation, knowledge and best practice; and provides a platform to share experiences and promote leadership in transitioning to digital water solutions. By sharing experience on the drivers and pathways to digital transformation in the water industry, the programme is consolidating lessons and guidance for water utilities to start or continue to build their journey towards digitalisation.