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The Lisbon Charter

The Lisbon Charter is an international framework of good practice for public policy and regulation in drinking water supply, sanitation and wastewater management services. It contains clear reference to the rights and responsibilities of the various stakeholders and users. It offers a vision and a practical platform for reforming water management for sustainable development. Through five key principles for public policy and regulation on water and wastewater services, the Charter provides a framework for transforming water regulation that can be universally applied.

IWA has prepared translations of the Lisbon Charter in active collaboration with water leaders from various countries. This way, we aim to ensure that the translations reflect the meaning of the Charter across cultures, regions and continents. Regarding the future translation to your language, feel free to contact Carolina Latorre, Water Policy and Regulation lead.

Lisabonská Charta*   Czech
Lisbon Charter   English
 Charte de Lisbonne   French
里斯本宪章      Mandarin Chinese
Carta de Lisboa   Portuguese
Carta de la Lisabona   Romanian
 La Carta de Lisboa   Spanish
リスボン憲章   Japanese


* Originally published in SOVAK – Časopis oboru vodovodů a kanalizací (SOVAK – The journal of branch of water supply and sewerage), 2016, 25(10): 302-307. Special thanks to IWA member, Dr Frantisek Kozisek who led the translation; and to Ing. Macková Želmíra and Ing. Lucia Lóžiová from the Department of Supervision and Regulation of Water Sector, Ministry of Agriculture, who kindly provided inputs to this document.

Carolina Latorre

Senior Officer
Mrs Latorre has over 10 years of professional experience working in water law and policy, both locally and internationally. She is a qualified attorney at law in Chile and she specialized in water in the UK. In 2013, Carolina joined IWA where she cur... Read full biography