December 11, 2019

International Water Association and Cranfield University Excellence Scholarships

The Hague, Netherlands, 13 December 2019The International Water Association and Cranfield University have created fifteen Masters Scholarships, called the IWA Excellence Scholarships, which will develop the skills and expertise of future water scientists and engineers.

The scholarships will be offered in 3 Masters courses conducted at the Cranfield Water Science Institute, which are: Water & Wastewater Engineering, Water & Sanitation for Development, and Advanced Water Management. The scholarships will cover full tuition fees of each course and will provide a platform for the awardees to enhance their global network through engagement with the IWA Young Professionals Programme.

One of IWA’s core values is excellence, where we look for and promote excellence and leadership in all aspects of water management, in conducting our activities and delivering results. This scholarship represents that value and it is the first of its kind to come from IWA in partnership with an international university.

Speaking about the opportunity to collaborate with Cranfield University, IWA Executive Director, Professor Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy said, “We are delighted to be working with Cranfield University to provide these scholarships. A heightened pace of change has been seen in the global water sector over recent years as professionals and organisations attempt to address a host of challenges, such as climate change and population growth.”   

On the role of IWA in addressing global challenges in the water sector, he also stated, “Now, at the dawn of the Golden Age of sanitation, IWA is trying to help the global community re-imagine how they do sanitation. IWA believes that innovators and institutions can, through a pragmatic alliance with IWA, develop nimble and affordable ways to ‘leapfrog’ the legacy of clunky, costly, centralised, top-down policies and infrastructure that burden much of the world. We believe that the Cranfield scholarships will create a new generation of water and sanitation practitioners that will shape the new-normal.”

Director of Water at Cranfield University, Professor Paul Jeffrey expressed that the scholarships will aid in the development of the consequent generation of water leaders and decision-makers that are very necessary in the water industry around the world.

Professor Jeffrey also said, “If we are to realise the UN Sustainable Development Goal of ‘ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’, then we need to increase the skills base of water scientists and engineers, who can help develop the solutions to these global challenges. I’m extremely grateful for the support of the International Water Association in enabling us to provide these scholarships, together we are both committed to training and nurturing future technical specialists and leaders for the global water sector.”

For more information about the scholarships, click here: IWA Excellence Scholarships



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The International Water Association is the largest international network of water professionals working towards a water-wise world. With members in more than 140 countries and over 70 years heritage, the association focuses on developing solutions for water and wastewater management. As a knowledge hub for the latest science, technology and best practice in the water sector at large, the IWA works to place water on the global political agenda and to influence best practice in regulation and policymaking. The IWA is a global water association that brings together water professionals to close the gap between sciences and practice to provide solutions to the water challenges the world is facing.


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