June 15, 2021

The best 8 scientific posters from IWA’s Digital Congress

The poster prize winners have been announced in a plenary session during the second week of the Digital World Water Congress, which took place between 24 May – 4 June 2021.

The sessions, presentations and posters were organised in six overarching themes covering the full water cycle: water utility management, wastewater treatment and resource recovery, drinking water and potable reuse, city-scale planning and operations, communities communications and partnerships, water resources & large-scale water management.

This year, eight outstanding posters have been identified. The winners of the poster prize are listed below.

Theme Title Author
Theme 1

Water utility management

Poster 8 Applicability Of Sensors And Internet Of Things For Monitoring Of Storm And Groundwater Infiltration In Sewage Systems


Emilio              Alvarenga
Theme 1

Water utility management

Poster 99 Early Warning Of Extreme Rainfall Events. Monitoring The Effects Of Climate Change In Madrid Sewer Network Mónica   Ortega Castro
Theme 2

Wastewater treatment and resource recovery

Poster 63 Removal Of Organic Matter And Salts From Reverse Osmosis Concentrate By A Sequential Electrochemical Treatment Hugo Olvera-Vargas
Theme 2

Wastewater treatment and resource recovery

Poster 106 Anaerobic digestion of tuna waste to produce volatile fatty acids Maria Veiga
Theme 3

Drinking water and potable reuse

Poster 181 Biological-adsorptive Iron Removal: The Path Towards A Superior Groundwater Treatment Plant For Drinking Water. Koen Joris
Theme 4

City-scale planning and operations

Poster 237 Lesson From Co-designing A Resource-recovery Game For Collaborative Urban Sanitation Planning Jennifer              McConville
Theme 5

Communities, communications and partnerships

Poster 260 The P-BANK: Awareness Raising For Sustainable Sanitation” Stefanie Hoernlein
Theme 6

Water resources and large-scale management

Poster 265 A Universal Language For Community-driven Water Management — Going Digital In Support Of SDG Louise Bingham