September 2, 2016 Membership

Newly appointed IWA Fellows and Distinguished Fellows

The International Water Association (IWA) today announces the appointment of new IWA Fellows and Distinguished Fellows. These individual water professionals are being recognized by their peers for their contribution to the water sector and to IWA, as well as to improving the wellbeing of societies and the environment. In a world that faces serious water challenges, whether water scarcity, pollution, infrastructure, or access to safe drinking water and sanitation, water professionals are playing a key role in delivering both enormous societal benefits and global agendas, such as the Sustainable Development Goals.

The International Water Association recognizes IWA Fellows for their outstanding contributions to the profession and to IWA. For 2016, the IWA Board of Directors has confirmed one new Distinguished IWA Fellow: Prof. Jiri Wanner and 39 in total new IWA Fellows, including: Andrea Capodaglio; Arash Zamyadi; Brace H. Boyden; Bruce Beck; Bruno Nguyen; Daniel Nolasco; Dennis D. Mwanza; Dinesh Mehta; Eveline Volcke; Guillermo (Bill) Capati; Han-Qing  Yu; Hong-Ying Hu; Inga Jacobs; Jacek Makinia; Jaime Baptista; Jim A. Field; John Bridgeman; Katerina Schilling; Kris Villez; Helena Alegre; Mark Pascoe; Milan Dimnic; Norhayati Binti Abdullah; Patricia Hotchkiss Bakir; Paul James Jeffrey; Peter Goethals; Philip Gichuki; Rajeshwar Dayal Tyagi; Randolf Webb; Rose Kaggwa; Sandra Hall; Satoshi Okabe; Shane Snyder; Teodor Doru Popa; Tobias Barnard; Val S. Frenkel; Virgilio (Perry) Rivera; Wim van Vierssen; Yaqian Zhao.


Water science


Feeling honoured to have been nominated for the IWA Fellows Award, IWA Young Water Professionals Award Winner and Global Ambassador 2014 – 2016 Inga Jacobs, said: “I would like to do what I can to elevate the importance of social science and the social aspects of water in my tenure as IWA Fellow”. As a mid-career professional, she acknowledges the supportive role of the network in her growth and development as a young water professional.

As Jacobs, Cranfield University Professor Paul Jeffrey saw in his nomination as IWA Fellow “the opportunity to support the next generation and embed innovation and excellence in the training and career development of young professionals”.

IWA is also the professional home of many senior water professionals. After 40 years of active commitment to IWA, lead author Bruce Beck stressed the timeless passion for the advancement of water science and technology. “My future contributions to IWA as a Fellow, the water profession, and the water sector/industry will be informed by my continuing enquiry into the nature of Resilience in the behavior of systems in the Natural, Human, and Built Environments”.

IWA Fellows are nominated for their significant contributions as an engineer, educator, utility manager, regulator, researcher, engineer, scientist, or as a technical leader. This recognition is based on past contributions to the water industry in general and IWA in particular, and for the nominee’s commitment to continued professional contributions in the future, especially through their active participation in IWA activities. At the time of the nomination, the Nominee must have been an IWA member for a period of five consecutive years or more, including the year of evaluation.