PrimeWater Multi-User Panel Stakeholders Week: a success!

During 15-19 November 2021, the PrimeWater Consortium held its second Multi-User Panel (MUP) “Stakeholders Week”.  Its objective is to provide expert feedback regarding Earth Observation-enabled services developed or extended within the PrimeWater context and stimulate dialogue and co-generation processes among its stakeholders. IWA is a main partner of the PrimeWater consortium.

Representatives of multiple organisations pooled together their expertise and highlighted specific applications of EO-enabled services in their fields. There were presentations, panel discussions, surveys and interactive group sessions. Out of the 500+ registrations, the majority were from Government organisations and research institutes. The rest of attendees represented consultancies, NGOs, associations, volunteer organisations, and private research institutes linked to private water operators.

Over the course of the five days of the MUP Stakeholders Week, the use of EO-technologies to address issues such as extreme hydrological events and harmful algal bloom was explored and addressed by representatives from different fields in the water sector (i.e, Water Resources Management, Disaster Risk Management, Potable Water, Energy, Amenity, Recreation and Aquaculture). Each day the sessions were opened by IWA Strategic Programmes & Engagement Manager, Dr Samuela Guida. Following that, the scene was set by members of the PrimeWater consortium, including Apostolos Tzimas (EMVIS), Dr Andrea Virdis (ENAS), Dr Ilias Pechlivanidis (SMHI) and Dr Eva Haas (EOMAP), and a detailed walk-through of the PrimeWater platform was given by Evangelos Romas (EMVIS). Afterwards, Prof. Nikos Georgantzis of the Burgundy School of Business guided attendees through a quick interactive exercise to introduce the participants to the “User preferences for Earth Observation services” survey. On “Energy Day” Dr Pechlivanidis and the attendees played a game entitled “Call for Water” where participants played the role of managers of a fictional reservoir which supplies water to a town.

All of the presentations, recordings, useful links can be found on the PrimeWater News and Resource page. Click here to view.

If you attended the PrimeWater Multi-User Panel Stakeholders Week, we would like your feedback on the event. Complete this short survey to help us improve on the next workshop! Survey link:

Erin Jordan