End User Outlooks on Earth Observation

International Water Association Earth Observation for water management

Target Audience

Practitioners, academics and researchers, utilities, students, engineers, policymakers


The End User Outlooks on Earth Observation webinar was organised by the consortium of the EU Horizon 2020 PrimeWater Project in conjunction with the Earth Observation (EO) for Water Management Community of Practice, a subgroup of the IWA Digital Water Programme.  

The Earth Observation (EO) for Water Management Community of Practice (CoP) brings together experts from different sectors of the water industry interested in the use of Earth observation technologies for improved water quality and quantity management. 

During the webinar, the results from the PrimeWater Project H2020 were presented. PrimeWater offers a complete suite of services that enable water industry professionals to identify and assess possible hydro-ecological risks in freshwater systems at an early-stage, trigger anticipatory actions and reduce exposure to water quality hazards through smart, adaptive lake management. 

The focus of this webinar was to gather opinions and feedback from an expert panel of EO practitioners on the use of the services provided by PrimeWater.

The audience, together with the panellists, were involved in a collaborative activity focused on benefits, opportunities, barriers, and risks linked to the use of the PrimeWater products.   

Presentation slides can be found here:

Learning Objectives

During this session, the panelists shared: 

  • How receptive they are to the operation of the PrimeWater platform
  • In what contexts they would efficiently utilise the PrimeWater platform 
  • Their idea of the value of the platform and how applicable it is in their career 

Following the session, participants were able to: 

  • Learn about the operation of the PrimeWater platform and related benefits, opportunities, barriers and risks 
  • Understand the application of EO services to large-scale water resources 
  • Identify important factors for successful and efficient end-user engagement 


More information about PrimeWater  

Operational Platform: https://www.primewater.eu/operational-platform/  

Case Studies 

PrimeWater is applied in four full-scale international case studies, located in Europe, USA, and Australia. The case studies challenge the transferability of PrimeWater applications in diverse water catchment systems and sectors. In each case study, different perspectives of water circle management (water resources management, environmental protection, and potable water supply production) are addressed to ensure that PrimeWater meets specific user requirements. 



International Water Association


  • Rohini Ganorkar Senior Technical Assistant, Forest Survey of India, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate change, India
  • Jordi Cros Herrero, Head of Innovation - ADASA; President of the Catalan Water partnership, Spain
  • Fabián Chang, CEO and Founding partner, Director - AquaIntel, Ecuador
  • Evangelos Spyrakos, Associate Professor, Biological and Environmental Sciences – University of Stirling, Scotland, UK
  • Dr P Somasekhar Rao Director - Advanced Centre for Integrated Water Resources Management, WRD, GoK, India
  • Apostolis Tzimas, Managing Director - EMVIS Consultant Engineers, Greece
  • Evangelos Romas, Head of the Research and Development unit - EMVIS Consultant Engineers, Greece