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IWA Earth Observation Community of Practice

The IWA Digital Water Programme (DWP) acts as a catalyst for innovation, knowledge and best practice. It provides a platform to share experiences, promotes leadership in transitioning to digital water solutions and consolidates lessons to guide utilities during their digital transformation.

To ensure wider engagement with IWA members on digital water, the DWP is encouraging the formation of regional and topical subgroups where members can share experiences, identify gaps, and come up with efficient solutions on a specific topic.

The Earth Observation for water management subgroup, launched in summer 2021 as Community of Practice (CoP), brings together experts from different sectors of the water industry interested in the use of Earth observation technologies for improved water quality and quantity management.

The CoP is also linked to the PrimeWater H2020 EU project, and the GEO AquaWatch initiative.

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PrimeWater H2020         2022 GEOAquaWatch Meeting – AquaWatch

The main objectives of the CoP

The CoP aims to:

  • Provide a platform to share approaches on the application of EO technologies for water management for different end-users (e.g. urban water, drinking water, water resource management, environmental protection, aquaculture and emergency response)
  • Enable linkages between cross-cutting scientific communities and end-users to attain a better understanding of how EO technology can be best used, and what are needs of end-users
  • Identify gaps and how these can be addressed in the understanding and use of EO technology in managing water.

Expected outcomes

Expected outputs

  • Increased awareness within IWA membership and beyond on the opportunities for using EO technology in water (both quality and quantity) management.
  • Acknowledge IWA as a platform for knowledge sharing and showcasing of EO for water management within the Digital Water Programme
  • Engage with experts (both IWA members and non-members) on EO for water management
  • Discussions on IWA Connect Plus group of the CoP
  • Discussions during CoP meetings (3-4/year)
  • Webinar series on EO for water management
  • White paper on EO for water management topic
  • Accompanying blogs, articles, and podcasts

Steering Group

A Steering Group oversees and facilitates the actions of the Earth Observation for water management CoP and decides the optimal strategy to achieve the expected outcomes. If you are interested in joining the Steering Group or you wish to receive more information on the CoP, contact Erin Jordan: erin.jordan@iwahq.org

Members of the Steering Group (2023) are below:

IWA Secretariat:

  • Samuela Guida, IWA, United Kingdom – Strategic Programmes and Engagement Manager
  • Erin Jordan, IWA, United Kingdom – Strategic Programmes Officer

How to get involved?

Are you interested in joining the CoP? Complete this short survey and contribute to the discussion!

IWA members can now join the IWA Connect Plus group of the CoP, this is the place for interactions and discussions on the topic!

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