IWA/ ISME Bio Cluster Award

Call for Nominations

To recognise and celebrate the importance and impact of interdisciplinary research at the interface of microbial ecology and water/wastewater treatment the IWA/ISME BioCluster has created the IWA/ISME Bio Cluster Award.

The Call for Nominations for the IWA/ISME BioCluster Award 2020 is now open!

The deadline for submission of nominations is 1 May 2020.

The call for nominations is open for two Awards:

  • the Grand Prize, and
  • the Rising Star Prize, meaning that candidates can be senior leaders in the field or young rising stars.

Nomination procedure

All IWA and/or ISME members are entitled to nominate candidates. To nominate an individual please fill out the nomination form, attach an extended CV of the candidate together with a complete publication list and two supporting letters by scientists affiliated neither with nominator’s institution nor with the institution of the nominated candidate. Please be aware that self-nominations are not accepted. Nominees must be members of IWA and/or ISME.

The selection criteria are:

  • Promotion of interdisciplinary research
  • Breakthrough research
  • Application potential in the water sector

The review and evaluation committee of leading experts from IWA and ISME are: Glen Daigger, Kirsten Küsel, Colin Murrell, Per H. Nielsen, Barth Smets and Michael Wagner.

Award ceremony and presentations from the winners

The IWA/ISME BioCluster Award 2020 will honour the awardees in a special ceremony during two international events:

Winners of the ISME/IWA BioCluster award 2018

Grand Prize

Prof. dr. Wen-Tso Liu

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Grand Prize

Prof. dr. Katherine McMahon

University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA

Rising-Star Prize 

Dr. Ameet J. Pinto

Northeastern University, USA

Winners of the ISME/IWA BioCluster award 2016

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