IWA Professional Development Award

The Professional Development Award recognises water sector companies that are making a significant contribution to the professional development of their employees, and through that support the attraction, development and retention of the next generation of water leaders.

Call for nominations has closed on 28 September 2020.

2020 / 2021

28 SEP

Deadline for submissions


Winner notification


Nomination Criteria

The following criteria will follow the basis of selection

  • Excellent track record on professional development of employees
  • Specific programmes/projects/initiatives targeting professional development
  • A particularly strong track record on professional development of YWP


How to nominate

If your employer is a corporate member of the IWA and you wish to nominate them to the IWA Water Professional Award 2020 please submit a nomination onto our system. See below the questions we would like you to answer on to the system to submit teh nimination.

Frequently asked questions

What information does the nomination process require?

Company name, Company representative name, Company representative email, Phone number

Describe the company’s main activities and scale (150 words max).

Describe how your company has developed their attraction, development and retention strategy (300 words).

I am an individual that would like to be considered for this award. Is this possible?

This award is not open to individuals you would need to represent a company in order to be considered for this award.

If the deadline is over and I forgot to submit a nomination. May I still send my nomination to be considered for an awards?

If the nomination for the award is closed. It means that the judging process has started. If you did not submit your nomination yet, unfortunately it won’t be possible to be considered for the award.

Are we allowed to nominate for more than one category?

You are able to submit a nomination for different awards categories as long as they are different projects.

Am I able to send my nomination in a different language?

We are not able to accept a nomination with a different language other than English. The only language we are able to get your submission is in English.

Do I need to submit my nomination via the nomination file?

We will only accept nominations that have a nomination file attached.  Any documents that do not follow the guidelines will not be accepted.

Past Award Winner


2018 Award Winner Back & Veatch implement in their professional programme for current and future employees. The  company has developed a robust career development program for professionals and projects in needs of specific expertise, and give special attention to the formation and matching career paths of and for project managers. Further to these strong pillars of in-house career building, the other remarkable career development components the company puts emphasis on, are mentoring, onboarding programs, Growth Accelerator and leadership development.

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