IWA Professional Development Award

The Professional Development Award recognises water sector companies that are making a significant contribution to the professional development of their employees, and through that support the attraction, development and retention of the next generation of water leaders.



Deadline for submissions

29 JUN

Full submission deadline

29 JUN

Winner notification

23 OCT

Award ceremony at  World Water Congress & Exhibition

Who is eligible to nominate?

  • Every employee of an IWA corporate member

What must be submitted in support for the nomination?

  1. An executive summary outlining the main reason for the nomination (maximum 500 words)
  2. Letter of Nomination (Detailed letter introducing the initiative, programme etc. and describing in detail how the initiative addresses the criteria (maximum 4 A4 pages)
  3. At least one letter of support including one from a YWP within the company

Past Winners

2018 Winner Back & Veatch implement in their professional programme for current and future employees. The Kansas City based company has developed a robust career development program that features the rotational program EDGE (Experience, Develop, Guide, Excel), the connection in-house programme for professionals and projects in needs of specific expertise NextOpps, and special attention to the formation and matching career paths of and for project managers (PM). Further to these strong pillars of in-house career building, the other remarkable career development components the company puts emphasis on, are mentoring, onboarding programs, Growth Accelerator and leadership development.

2018 IWA Professional Development Award

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