June 28, 2017

Earth Observation for optimising water treatment plant operations

SPACE-O is catalysing innovation with an operational service platform designed to integrate satellite technology, in-situ monitoring, with advanced hydrological, water quality models and ICT tools for water flow and quality forecasting in reservoirs and lakes. Mariano Bresciani with CNR talks about the role of CNR in SPACE-O, what are Earth Observation products and how they are used to optimize water treatment plant (WTP) operations, and who will use the products and services from SPACE-O. To learn more visit www.space-o.eu

Rui Veras

Marketing & Communications Director (Interim)
Rui Veras is a communications professional trained as a political scientist with a focus in international relations and global environmental governance. As a perception strategist he is keen on sustainable social evolution. He has developed his caree... Read full biography