May 24, 2022
The Philippines is particularly vulnerable to climate change: increased frequency of extreme weather events, rising temperatures, extreme rainfall, and sea level rise are threatening livelihoods and water management in the country...
May 3, 2022
Like all countries across the globe, Norway is not immune to climate change. Increased precipitation and extreme weather events in the country mean that water and wastewater systems have a growing vulnerability to water-related ri...
April 20, 2022
International collaboration is key to unleashing the potential of an energy and climate neutral water sector. But in all its essence, proper homework starts at home. As such, Denmark in 2019 established 14 Climate Partnerships to ...
December 2, 2021
How well water issues are managed will materially affect how far and fast greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced to help keep warming limited to 1.5 C. How can water sector professionals effectively enable emission reductions?
November 4, 2021
Energy consumption within the water industry contributes to global carbon emissions, while there are also process emissions from nitrous oxides and methane emissions in wastewater systems. According to IWA’s WACCLIM initiative, ...
September 13, 2021
Standing here in Copenhagen today, outside beautiful Tivoli, I am excited that there is just one year to go before we will all meet in this wonderful city.
August 12, 2021
Nature often acts as a as a conduit for untreated sewage into water bodies, wetlands, or the sea. However, a planned approach using nature-based solutions (NBS) not only improves sanitation services, but also provide numerous co-b...
July 1, 2021
Floods and storms are responsible for almost three-quarters of climate disasters. Yet, all around the world, resilience to climate shocks does not get as much attention as the “net zero” agenda.
June 24, 2021
Professor David Sedlak of UC Berkeley and author of Water 4.0 shares his perspective on the next path for water management.
September 18, 2020
Day by day, the energy accounts of many Danish wastewater treatment plants are looking better and better. Consequently, many wastewater companies look into a future, with potential energy self-sufficiency.   Wastewater is increa...