IWA Publishing Award

The Award recognises significant contributions to IWA Publishing activities. These contributions go beyond publishing with IWA Publishing as an author and include leadership and service in advancing the IWA Publishing book and journals programme.

The award is granted every two years, with the award presented at the World Water Congress & Exhibition. The award is not restricted to members of IWA.

Evaluation of the nominations is carried out by the Publications Committee. The Chair of the Publications Committee will invite the Editor-in-Chief of each IWA Publishing to solicit nominations from within their Editorial Board. Each editorial board can nominate one person. The nomination should include (1) name of the nominee, (2) brief explanation describing why the person is being nominated and why she/he best fulfils the criteria for the award, (3) name of person nominating, and (4) journal/book programme that is supporting this nomination.


The 2022 award goes to Professor Chong-Yu Xu from the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo, Norway.

Professor Chong-Yu Xu became Editor of Hydrology Research in 2012, as the Nordic Association for Hydrology (NHF) representative. Chong-Yu recognised Hydrology Research’s potential to be a leader in its field, and worked tirelessly during his 7-year appointment to make improvements to increase the effectiveness of the journal’s processes and its standing in the field.

These improvements included remodelling the Editorial structure, introducing Associate Editors in order to speed up peer review times; introducing thorough pre-screening for Supplement Issues to ensure quality; and encouraging authors from all over the world, and particularly China, to read and submit to the journal. That the journal achieved an Impact Factor of 2.475 in 2018 and that annual output grew from 37 to 138 articles during Chong-Yu’s Editorship reflects the success of his progressive vision for the journal. In addition to his guidance as Editor of the journal, Chong-Yu continues to lead by example and has published several well-cited papers in the journal, and is a Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher.


Damir Brdjanovic

Professor Damir Brdjanovic is awarded with the 2018 IWA Publishing Award. Being acting Professor for Sanitary Engineering at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, he has been main initiator for several books published by the Association, with all these books beingn best-sellers. They demonstrate a clear level of innovation in publishing and are heavily focused on knowledge transfer and education. With the publication “Biological Wastewater Treatment” (2008). This publication is used widely outside this online course and is IWA Publishing’s best-selling book ever.

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Previous Winners

2018 Damir Brdanovic: Leadership in publishing five very successful books that are also published various languages
2016 Mogens Henze: Leadership in transforming and advancing the Journal of Water Research
2014 Dragan Savic:  Leadership as Editor in Chief of Journal of Hydroinformatics
2012 Per Nielsen: Leadership in the IWAP book programme
2010 Gustaf Olsson: Leadership in further developing Water Science & Technology as a stand-alone journal
2008 David Dixon: Excellent editor for Water Research
2004 Peter Wilderer: Leadership in advancing quality in Water Science & Technology
2002 Piet Lens: Leadership for the book series on Integrated Environmental Technology