September 16, 2018

The IWA celebrates two Recognition Awards

The International Water Association celebrates two IWA Recognition Awards on the eve of the 2018 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition:

  • Professor Wolfgang Rauch – IWA Outstanding Service Award
  • Professor Damir Brdjanovic – IWA Publishing Award


Tokyo, Japan, 15 September 2018. With the celebration of two Awards the International Water Association initiates the weeklong 2018 World Water Congress & Exhibition. The two awards recognize the contribution of members of the association to the success of  IWA and the water sector. They are granted for consistent and outstanding service to IWA and IWA Publishing.

“With these two special IWA Awards, we celebrate the remarkable contribution of members of the association, who add the values and vision of the IWA Membership to their work and enrich the community with their results”, stated Diane D’Arras, IWA President at the celebration ceremony in Tokyo.

“Pioneering technology, innovation and sharing knowledge are the spirit of the Association. Both, Professor Rauch and Professor Brdanovic have demonstrated with their work and contribution to IWA, that they nurture its spirit and mission”, said Kala Vairavamoorthy, IWA Executive Director.

The IWA Outstanding Service Award and the IWA Publishing Award are awarded through a peer-to-peer committee. With recognition being one of the cornerstones of the IWA network model, these Awards are an important pillar of the network. IWA’s Recognition Awards Programme acknowledges and celebrates the achievements of IWA’s members who make significant contributions both to the IWA and to water management worldwide. They are presented every two years at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition.


2018 IWA Outstanding Service Award

Professor Wolfgang Rauch with the 2018 IWA Outstanding Service Award. Acting professor at the University of Insbruck in Austria, Professor Rauch is a civil and environmental engineer and a widely published researcher in the fields of water pollution, drainage and integrated water management. He is an IWA Fellow and has taken on many leadership roles within the organisation, including as Chair of the Committee on Urban Drainage and Chair of the Programme Committee to name just a couple. He has also been active in the publishing community, serving for more than a decade as editor of the journal Water Research, and since 2014 he has been editor-in-chief of the journal Water Science and Technology.


Wolfgang Rauch, University of Insbruck, Austria, winner of 2018 IWA Outstanding Service Award

2018 IWA Publishing Award

Professor Damir Brdjanovic is awarded with the 2018 IWA Publishing Award. Publishing is a key activity within the International Water Association, which is carried out through IWA Publishing. Being acting Professor for Sanitary Engineering at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, he has been main initiator for five books that are published by the Association, with currently, several further initiatives under development. All these books have been best-sellers. They demonstrate a clear level of innovation in publishing and are heavily focused on knowledge transfer and education. With the publication “Biological Wastewater Treatment” (2008), a textbook associated to a successful online course, he associated all chapters to videotaped lectures that are used within the IWA online courses. This publication is used widely outside this online course and is IWA Publishing’s best-selling book ever.


From left to right, Diane d’Arras, IWA President, Professor Damir Brdjanovic, winner of the 2018 IWA Publishing Award, and Kala Vairavamoorthy, IWA Executive Director


About the IWA

The International Water Association is the largest international network of water professionals working towards a water wise world, with members in more than 130 countries. Its work focuses on developing solutions for water and wastewater management. As a knowledge hub for the latest science, technology and best practice in the water sector at large, the IWA works to place water on the global political agenda and to influence best practice in regulation and policy making.


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