September 5, 2022 IndustryMembershipSociety

Global Trends and Challenges in Water Science, Research and Management

We are happy to present here the Global Trends Report‘s third edition, which will be formally launched on 13 September 2022 (10:00-10:25) at the IWA Stand at the World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark.

This edition is composed of three main themes:

I. Innovative Technologies
II. Water and Health
III. Resource Recovery and Circular Economy

Within these themes, contributions from a total of 28 IWA Specialist Groups are gathered.

The first two editions of the Global Trends and Challenges in Water Science, Research
and Management (i.e., Global Trends Report) were published by The International Water Association (IWA) in 2012 and 2016, respectively, with the main aim of raising the profiles of the IWA Specialist Groups and visibility for expert members.

The IWA Specialist Groups are the core vehicle for IWA members networking and for issue-based interactions on water-related scientific, technical and management topics within IWA. Specialist Groups facilitate cooperation, networking and knowledge generation, primarily through regular conferences, meetings, working groups, task groups, newsletters and publications. They are created on a voluntary basis by IWA members and are strongly supported by the IWA office.

The reports drew upon the expertise of IWA’s Specialist Groups who had identified hot topics, innovations and global trends in water science, research and management that have impact on solving global water challenges. A diversity of approaches was highlighted, from detailed technical and scientific aspects to more integrated ones.

We invite you to discover the challenges, visions and trends of the wide variety of topics
that IWA Specialist Groups cover. Download the Global Trends Report here. Enjoy!

Rachna Sarkari

Membership Engagement Officer (Specialist Groups) - Strategic Programmes & Engagement rachna.sarkari [a]