November 3, 2020 DataDigitalisationTechnology

Digital Water: The importance of knowing what we do not know

Uncertainty in planning, designing and modelling of urban water infrastructure.

Uncertainty is an often unnoticed aspect of everyday life. The progressing digitalisation of the water industry brings more and more data and models into the heart of decision processes.

While abundance of data and availability of data analytics tools hold a lot of promise, a wide range of challenges are also associated with different types of uncertainty in data.

This whitepaper aims to raise awareness of the many sources of uncertainty in digital decision making and describes how digital water approaches and tools can help us to stay in control and make decisions with (at least some) confidence.


  • Peter van Thienen, Senior Researcher & Chief Information Officer, KWR Water Research Institute
  • Dragan Savic, Chief Executive Officer, KWR Water Research Institute


IWA Digital Water Programme. The Programme acts as a catalyst for innovation, knowledge and best practice; and provides a platform to share experiences and promote leadership in transitioning to digital water solutions. By sharing experience on the drivers and pathways to digital transformation in the water industry, the programme is consolidating lessons and guidance for water utilities to start or continue to build their journey towards digitalisation.

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