Earth Observation technologies for water quality management

IWA Earth observation technology, water quality; water management

Target Audience

EO experts, potable water production, recreation, hydropower, aquaculture, environmental protection, water resources management and emergency planning; water professionals

14:00-15:30 BST | 09:00-10:30 EDT


Across various parts of the water sector – from water treatment plants to hydropower to aquaculture – preparing and adapting to risks in a planned manner is far more efficient than reacting to a major system failure. For this reason, having the tools and capability to predict and respond in advance to potential water quality (and quantity) risks can improve environmental performance while lowering costs.  

In this framework, there is great potential in the application of Earth Observation (EO) technologies in the water sector. EO technology combined with modelling of highly complex, dynamic systems can provide monitoring and forecasting information of water quality and quantity. This information can guide water professionals in making quick and data-informed decisions, achieve regulatory compliance at low cost and improve the day-to-day performance of operations. 

 This webinar will explore how EO technology is being applied across the water sector to better manage water quality issues such as algal blooms and turbidity.

Learning Objectives

Following this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Gain perspectives on the application of EO technologies in water quality management in different parts of the water sector.
  • Recognise how EO technologies can be integrated into existing decision support systems to help prepare and respond to water quality hazards
  • Navigate and access groups to engage further on this topic (e.g. GEO AquaWatch, PrimeWater H2020 EU project).


Presentation Slides and Q&A Report

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Webinar Resources

Here are some resources recommended by the webinar panelists:



  • Listen to the IWA & PrimeWater – GEO Aquawatch here


International Water Association


  • Erin Urquhart PACE Applications Coordinator at NASA GSFC (Webinar Chair)
  • Steve Greb Associate fellow at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Aquatic Sciences Center and GEOAquaWatch Director
  • Apostolos Tzimas Managing Director at EMVIS Consultant Engineers and International coordinator of EU H2020 project PrimeWater
  • Maria Antonietta Dessena Geologist at Ente Acque della Sardegna (ENAS)
  • Blake Schaeffer Research Scientist at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)