Jason Chilton
Member Consultant


Jason Chilton is a Qualified SAP FICO Consultant, his current role as a Member Consultant allows him to use his expertise within IWA, where he is responsible for the Connect Bugs Group and has been developing the IWA Connect Help Center. The areas he specializes in are SAP, Accounting, Financial Protocols, Business models, I.T support and Customer service orientated with over 15 years’ experience within these areas. He has previously worked for Dolby International, Bank of New York and Fujitsu Services. He is business process minded and an expert in handling complex issues.

Jason has an interest in water sustainability and sea water farming. He also helped Greenpeace India with a campaign called Save Mahan, our forest our rights, where he went to Athens and managed to get support for this campaign. In his spare time he loves the beach and you can often find him practicing his hobby Fire poi which he has been doing now for over 15 years.