Recognising Climate Smart Utilities

IWA is pleased to share the results of the first edition of the Climate Smart Utilities Recognition Programme. The initiative seeks to inspire water, wastewater, and urban drainage utilities to be increasingly Climate Smart and to embrace the cultural shift on three interconnected pillars for action: climate adaptation, mitigation, and leadership.

The application window for the recognition programme has recently closed in July 2022 with 56 applications received from 34 countries and 2 territories, highlighting a truly global outreach of the programme. The programme has received applications from utilities in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, France, Germany, Honduras, India, Italy, Macao, Malawi, Mexico, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Palestine, Peru, Philippines, Senegal, Somalia, Spain, Uganda, UK, USA and Yemen. The applications represent a diverse array of realities and contexts.

Following a robust review, 42 applications submitted by utilities will be recognised and celebrated through the IWA Climate Smart Recognition Programme. All the applications have been reviewed by an independent panel of experts in the field, and each application has been evaluated by three judges. The Programme also seeks to reward utilities in emerging economies for implementing climate actions in particularly challenging conditions.

For the comprehensive list of utilities’ applications which will be celebrated, please click here.

Recognition Opportunities

The Recognition Programme offers many opportunities for utilities to highlight their climate mitigation, adaptation and leadership actions. IWA will present a diploma to all 42 successful applicants, as well as offering them the opportunity to submit a poster (download the template here) to be displayed at the Utility Leaders Forum and a case story to be showcased on the IWA website.

Moreover, some of the most inspiring applications will be invited to speak and present at the IWA World Water Congress in Copenhagen (11-15 September 2022). Selected utilities, including from emerging economies, who have submitted particularly inspiring applications will receive a diploma on stage at the Congress and will be celebrated in a dedicated event.

More information about the Climate Smart track at the Congress is available here.

Join us at the Congress to celebrate with us, learn from inspiring experiences and network with key water utility leaders from around the world! The Congress programme offers an array of opportunities for utilities including the Utility Leaders Forum and sessions for utilities addressing a diverse array of key topics like utility performance improvement, efficiency and optimisation like the AquaRating Workshop and much more.


What’s next?

We know that there are many more Climate Smart Utilities worth celebrating, and we look forward to capturing your stories and applications for the next edition of the Recognition Programme. Please share this with your network and help us reach more utilities on the race to resilience.

For more information on the next edition, follow IWA and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date with the latest water and climate news from around the world!

IWA would also like to thank Xylem for providing support to the first edition of the Recognition Programme.