AquaRating Workshop: Innovation for Transformation

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Water and wastewater companies are constantly challenged to deliver reliable, high quality, affordable, and sustainable services to their customers. The needs are becoming increasingly demanding (e.g. more stringent regulation), which mean utilities strive to do more with less, increase transparency, sustainability and creditworthiness.

The AquaRating system was designed to support utilities to overcome these challenges by helping them becoming more transparent and attractive for investment. At the same time, their investment needs are clearer, and design and implementation of performance improvement plans becomes more effective. This brings better services delivery, more sustainability and satisfaction of customers, regulators, governments and investors.

The AquaRating is a performance evaluation system, which was developed by the IDB in close collaboration with IWA to improve water and sanitation utilities. The AquaRating standard consists of 112 assessment elements organized in 8 areas of evaluation as well as groups of best practices. AquaRating is based on three pillars consisting of performance indicators, good practices, and reliability of the information through an audit. The session will describe in detail the tool and will showcase its products as well as several case studies of water utilities from different regions of the world which have implemented the AquaRating tool.

The workshop will take place at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition on 12 September, 13:30-15:00. Register for the Congress to attend this workshop.

Programme Committee

Name Affiliation Country
Corinne Cathala
IDB Lead Water and Sanitation Specialist United States Of America
Francisco Cubillo
AquaRating co-Author and IWA Fellow Spain
Carlos Diaz
IWA Strategic Programmes Manager United Kingdom
Brenda Ampomah
IWA Strategic Programmes Officer United Kingdom