Call for nominations open for SG Management Committees

Nominations are open for management committees of the following Specialist Groups:

About the Public and Customer Communications Specialist Group

Managing water – by utilities, governments, regional organizations – requires effective communication with all stakeholders, particularly customers and the public. Successful water management requires active engagement of audiences in water sector business, local communities, elected office and more.

The Public and Customer Communications Specialist Group shares communication methods, techniques and tools that build customer satisfaction and trust, improve utility performance and establish sustainable water management practices. We aim to raise the profile of communications and engagement as a key strategy in providing water and wastewater services. We provide a forum for the exchange of best practices between specialists within the water and wastewater sector.

About the Forest Industry Specialist Group

The Forest Industry Specialist Group addresses social and environmental issues within the forest industry, particularly in the pulp and paper industry and the emerging biorefinery industry. We organize symposia and workshops, and promote dissemination of relevant scientific and technical information to IWA members.

We attempt to cover all important issues for the industry, including water use and system closure, effluent treatment technologies, receiving water effects and the challenges of wastewater treatment for new biorefinery technologies.

About the Chemical Industries Specialist Group

Chemical industries generate large amounts of industrial wastewater with its own characteristics, which brings difficulty to treat or reuse for conservation of natural resources. Currently the chemical Industries face a new challenge regarding its sustainable development and production with environmental compatibility

The group identifies water pollution problem areas and defines technologies for solutions; a clearinghouse for technical information worldwide on industrial waste management especially focusing on chemical industry related wastes.

About the  Small Water and Wastewater Systems Specialist Group

The SG deals with water and wastewater systems serving individual houses, a cluster of houses or a community. The group considers the use of localized systems will help in recycling and reuse of wastewater. This will also enhance and promote the closing of water and nutrient cycles.

About the  Nano and Water – Application of Nanoparticles Nanoengineered Materials and Nanotechnologies Specialist Group

The IWA Nano and Water specialist group (SG) provides an active forum for water professionals and researchers interested in the application or implication of nanotechnology. The development and possible application of nanotechnology and nanomaterials for drinking water and wastewater, and also provides clear and objective knowledge and information about the risks associated to the specific technologies.

About the Water and Wastewater in Ancient Civilizations  Specialist Group

The Specialist Group on Water and Wastewater in Ancient Civilizations is dedicated to reveal technological heritage in ancient civilizations worldwide in order to: (a) assist to make visible the remaining of hydro-technologies, (b) describe and evaluate them, (c) develop new sustainable water and wastewater systems based on old principles and today knowledge and infrastructure, and (d) create monuments of inspiration for the water future. The most of ancient hydro-technologies were decentralized, cost-effective, friendly to the environment, and highly sustainabl

The ancient wisdom must be put into practice by creating awareness, undertaking policy research and lobbying to bring about change in policy as required so that water and wastewater management practices would further improved. It is time to think about managing the complete water cycle, to do so with impunity we look towards: probing the past, forging the future.

The Management Committee comprises representatives from all over the world. An election for the management committee will be held every 4 years.

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