July 30, 2018 Society

New committee representing IWA Young Water Professionals


IWA announces the 2018-2020 Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee, a representative body of Young Water Professional IWA members aged 35 and younger. The Emerging Water Leaders (EWL) Steering Committee provides advice to the association about the appropriate ways to address young water professionals needs. This happens while encouraging and developing ways to engage new generations of water leaders and develop IWA’s current activities at national and international level – learn more in the Terms of Reference document.

Dedicated and passionate to support the empowerment of young water professionals the EWL Steering committee comprises IWA members, and provides them with the opportunity to represent and lead the YWP community, by supporting the YWP country chapters, supporting the YWP events, support increased integration of YWPs in all IWA activities (with a special focus on IWA specialist groups as well as through the strategic council). As part of their voluntary contribution in this committee they:

  • Build their professional Network
  • Acquire new skills in leadership
  • Build their profile and recognition in the International water sector
  • Empower other young water professionals, as well as themselves
  • Work with their passionate peers to contribute to a water-wise world

The committee will be inaugurated at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in the IWA Exhibition Pavilion on Monday morning at 09:45 (TBC). The EWL chair, Arlinda Ibrahimllari, said: “I hope that we as a group can generate and foster a dynamic communications culture that engages young and emerging water leaders in new and enhanced ways. Through the use of sub-committees and or working groups we hope to become a more accessible committee with more engagement opportunities for our members, and ofcourse more approachable for non- IWA members”.

IWA calls for new nominations in February in the even years, upon which young members of IWA can vote for their representatives. This year, IWA received over 30 eligible candidates for the committee, and the 15% of IWA Young Water Professionals community voted for their preferred candidates. IWA looks forward to getting started with this new committee from September onwards.

For now, our #FutureWaterLeaders can be found on IWA connect, where you can connect with them and start a conversation.

2018-2020  Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee
Chair (re-elected) Arlinda Ibrahimllari – Utility representative (UKKO, Albania)
Vice Chair John Sekabira Fisher – Utility representative (National Water and Sewerage Company, Uganda)
Secretary Emily Ryan – Utility representative(Sydney Water, Australia)
YWP Chapter Coordination


Luke Dennis – Utility representative (Northrumbian Water, UK)
 Thor Danielsen – Utility representative (Hofor A/S, Denmark)
YWP Events Lisha Guo – Academic representative (Ryerson University, Canada)
Charity Supeyo – Utility representative(Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, Kenya)
YWP – SGs – coordination

Xiaoyuan Zhang – Academic representative (Tsing hua University China)

 Lloyd Fisher Jeffes – Consultancy representative (Aurecon, South Africa)
Communications Annina Takala- Academic representative (Tampere university of Technology, Finland)
 Javier Canto – Academic representative (University of Mexico, Mexico)
YWPs on Strategic Council


 Rianna Gonzales – Regulator representative (Water Resources Agency, Trinidad and Tobago)
 Randolf Webb – Large equipment supplier representative (Xylem, Switzerland)



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