Knowledge Sharing in the MENA Region

The MENA region is one of the driest in the world. Water resources are deteriorating while demand for water is increasing due to the rapid population growth. Irrigated agriculture consumes the largest volume of water resources as a result of continuous demand for food production. Therefore, the region faces enormous challenges both on the quantity and quality levels. In the past few years, governments in MENA region treated this issue with urgency and have created various water-related policies, investment strategies and programs to address this matter.

Germany has efficiency in plant engineering, consulting and operation is complemented by unparalleled expertise in scientific research and by high levels of institutional and administrative knowledge. We look forward to transferring this efficiency and high standard in water treatment and management to the MENA region with the aim to develop together appropriate solutions for the present and future water problems, including those caused or aggravated by climate change, population growth and desertification.

The members of German Water Partnership are internationally renowned partners, reliable over the long term, which fulfil their projects as agreed and to the highest quality. All over MENA countries, there are several best practice projects that were implemented by GWP members. They are working in the MENA region not only in the field of project implementation and technology transfer, but also in the field of capacity development through academic education as well as technical and vocational training. These examples show the variety of competences of GWP members.

In addition, the GWP head office maintains continuous exchange and cooperation with different organizations and ministries within the MENA region. Such close relations with local partners improve the environment for business development, foster innovation and the development of integrated and sustainable approaches to solving water management problems. In March 2015, GWP and the Ministry of Water and Irrigation of Jordan, represented by the Minister, signed in Berlin a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), where it was agreed to foster cooperation in the fields of research and development, capacity development, know-how and water and wastewater technology transfer, development and implementation of water and wastewater pilot-projects.

In this context, this participation of GWP at the IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2015 has been organized with attractive best practice examples to provide our partners in MENA region with additional information on the latest German competences, technologies and capacity development in water and wastewater sector. In addition, we would like to initiate expert dialogues on challenges that are facing the water and wastewater sector to develop together efficient and sustainable solutions.

GWP will be represented by a delegation of highly qualified experts at this conference, which shows a clear sign for the high level of cooperation that our members have with the region. We are convinced that our participation at IWA’s Congress & Exhibition offers an excellent opportunity to extend and to enhance our fruitful collaboration now and in the future.

Join us at the IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition, 18 – 22 October  2015 in Jordan.