March 25, 2022 Membership

Join the Global Coordination Call to strengthen and empower Young Water Professionals globally

Niti Jadeja invites you to join the upcoming IWA YWP Global Coordination Call on 30 March 2022.


What is the IWA YWP Global Coordination Call about?

The Global Coordination Call (GCC) addresses current challenges faced by YWP chapters and provides updates on recent developments and resources available within the community. These meetings focus on various aspects contributing to the formation of new chapters and strengthening of existing ones.

Why do you think it’s important to strengthen YWP connections globally?

YWP chapters are communities working for better water management and their networks help build a global understanding of water related issues in different regions. Sharing our unique water stories with regional and global connections can further empower young professionals by presenting opportunities and challenges in the water sector. It is a perfect platform to learn from other’s triumphs and errors.

What are your experiences with past editions of the IWA YWP Global Coordination Call?

Topics like organisation, financing and communication have been discussed in previous GCCs where YWP chapter representatives have shared their perspective and experiences providing useful guidance, especially to new chapters. These discussions facilitated knowledge sharing that help define the strategies of YWP chapters. More recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic, YWP chapters met through GCCs to share their means and methods for resilience and lessons learnt from the pandemic. GCCs and other YWP events have also attracted attention resulting in new YWP members from diverse regions, accelerating the formation of new YWP chapters.

How did you benefit from IWA YWP events and why do you think others should join?

I have attended the GCCs and YWP get-togethers that have covered versatile topics which have increased my productivity and led to more collaboration with other YWPs and senior water professionals from various countries. The events enable global participation which often provides perspectives of various challenges including those in emerging economies. The interactions have encouraged my creativity, provided positive reinforcement in challenging times and led to an appreciation for different cultures. The upcoming 11th Global Coordination Call on 30 March 2022 focuses on strengthening connections between the IWA YWP chapters. Collaborative actions are vital to strengthening our YWP network. Empowering Young Water Professionals directly contributes to sustainable water management for the future. In the upcoming GCC, YWP representatives from Australia, Japan, Canada, Germany and Denmark will first share their experiences of cooperation and collective efforts. Panel presentations will be followed by moderated discussions where participants can exchange ideas and activities for further strengthening YWP networks. The call offers a unique opportunity to meet YWPs from around the world, share ideas and make new connections for a water-wise world! IWA YWP members can sign up here.

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Niti Jadeja is part of the IWA YWP Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee, working in the Chapter Coordination sub-committee. She helps with the chapters formation and organises regional calls in collaboration with the Secretariat. She is a postdoc researcher at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment in India. Connect with Niti on LinkedIn.