April 24, 2015

Iwa Strategic Council Election

During the Governing Assembly in Lisbon (September 2014), the latest IWA Strategic Plan 2014-2018 was formally endorsed. Pivotal in developing this plan was the Strategic Council, a representative body of the Association that provides advice to the Governing Assembly and Board of Directors. The Strategic Council renews around one third of its membership every two years, this year with an increased number of seats for Low and Middle Income Countries (LAMIC) and Young Water Professionals (age 35 or younger) within different segments.

The Strategic Council is nominated amongst IWA members. The nominations have been received and the selection process is underway. The coming IWA Strategic Council will ensure that the International Water Association will continue to inspire change and representating the associations’ worldwide membership. For full details of the role and membership of the Strategic Council, please visit the IWA governance page.

There are a total of 11 open seats for the 2015 SC election, in the following segments:

  • Industrial Water Users (1)
  • Utility – General (1), YWP (2)
  • Consultant – YWP (1), LAMIC (1)
  • Regulator – YWP (1), LAMIC (1)
  • Other segments – YWP (1), LAMIC (1)
  • Specialist Groups (1)

IWA Strategic Council – Terms of Reference

The Strategic Council will provide advice to the Governing Assembly, Board of Directors and the Executive Director regarding long-range issues, plans, activities and programmes that will further the Association’s goals and objectives. In addition the Council will assist in the coordination of the work of various specialist groups, interest groups, task forces and other working groups of the Association.



The Council consists of a Chairman (appointed by the Board of Directors), vice- Chairman and approximately thirty further members. Its membership will be composed of a balanced representation from specialist groups, member segments, developing countries and other internal and external committees and agencies. Membership shall be rotated to assure continued representation by individuals and groups that are active in international water matters of all kinds. All members of the Council should be members of IWA either individually or as a nominated representative via their employer.

Terms of Office

  1. The term of office shall be for 2 years.
  2. No member shall serve more than 3 consecutive terms except by specific consent of the Board.
  3. However a Committee member may serve up to 4 consecutive terms provided the final 2 terms are as Committee Chairperson.


The Council will meet at least once annually and be supported by the Association Headquarters staff. In accordance with IWA’s general travel policy costs incurred travelling to and attending the meetings are not eligible for reimbursement by the Association.


  1. Guide the strategic plan to promote a progressive agenda aimed at meeting both internal and external objectives
  2. Provide advice to Executive Committee
  3. Stimulate and promote specialist groups activities and their collaboration
  4. Stimulate and promote new interest groups, new activities and their connections with others in IWA
  5. Stimulate and promote IWA strategic programmes
  6. Ensure strategic coordination with IWA Publishing
  7. Review policies and position materials

The nominations and election process for the Council